Spanning the Globe

Well, at least the Americas ;).

Kevin, Julia and Joey have been in the Dominican Republic for a whole week now (feels longer…)  and this morning Emma boarded a bus with her classmates heading to Canada to visit Niagara Falls and Toronto. And, well, I’m here in Ohio.  And Michigan.   THIS Sunday we will all be reunited as Emma and I will make our way to the DR late Sunday night.  Can. Not. Wait.


We had a little Passport stress as Joey’s passport hadn’t come yet as of Tuesday May 28th, so we paid to have it expedited.  It made it.  Praise the Lord. (Speaking of Passports, maybe Kevin will blog about his passport miracle… that would make a great #MissionsMonday post next week, babe 😉 )!

Anyhoo, Kevin, Julia and Joey quickly got settled in (to our 2 bedroom with 2 bunk-beds each apartment 😉 ), have been meeting people and already going out on ministry with the groups that were there or are there now.  Kevin is working closely with Frank, the Director at SCORE in the DR and learning and helping where he can.  He has also enjoyed working with Robersy who has several baseball outreaches in the DR.  Joey has been going with him and has even been playing BASEBALL ~ he hasn’t played baseball in YEARS ~ but, “when in Rome…”  Julia has been loving on kiddos ~ in the villages, missionary kiddos and kiddos from the Lily House. She is SO good with kids. IMG_2195IMG_2192IMG_2193 IMG_2194

Meanwhile in Ohio… Emma had basketball team camp for the high school team and we spent last week hanging out, getting some packing/organizing done and got to attend my niece’s high school graduation.  We have been patiently waiting for Emma’s passport as well… which finally came on Friday. #betterlatethannever  Good thing it came too, because she needed either that (her passport) or her birth certificate (which the passport agency had to have her passport done) to go on this Canada trip.  Yikes!  Nothing like cutting it close!! She gets home LATE Friday night, has basketball scrimmages on Saturday (LB Shootout) and then Sunday we leave for the Dominican.  There’s a lot in-between there… but they’re just details, details details ;). IMG_2027

IMG_2057 IMG_2142IMG_2191

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  These next six weeks are going to fly by.  Pray we make MUCH of Jesus! 


Grubbie Update #MissionsMonday

score logo dark blueWellllllll, here’s a little update about our summer. This Saturday, Kevin, Julia & Joey* leave for the Dominican Republic. That is FOUR sleeps and an all-nighter, y’all! Eeeeeeek.   Emma and I follow a couple of weeks later (June 15th to be exact). WOOT!

No, this is not when we are moving. We will be there for the summer and return to Ohio in August to continue raising support.   And in-between there, on July 29th we will leave the DR and stop in Tampa, FL for SCORE Missionary Training School. Then, we hope to speak at a church* in the Tampa area Sunday, August 3rd and will return to Ohio August 4th.

When are we MOVING then? It is completely in the Lord’s timing. We don’t know the exact timing, but as soon as we have our full support raised you can bet we’ll be on our way :). Maybe January-ish. Maybe June-ish. Maybe we’ll go for the summer again next year. We just don’t know. Just walkin’ by faith here… 🙂

That being said the kiddos will be back at LB (school) next fall. Unless something miraculously changes over the summer, that is the plan. The plan is very fluid.

SCOREShortTermWe are excited and a little anxious about this summer.

Excited about:

  • Serving IN the DR
  • Serving WITH wonderful missionary friends we already know
  • Serving with and meeting the rest of the amazing missionary staff in the DR
  • Sharing Christ, helping where needed, being able to wake up every morning and say, “Here am I. Send me.” Shouldn’t we be doing that anyways? 🙂
  • Seeing where we will be living/working
  • Hearing from the Lord as He clarifies our role down there, showing us where He is working and where He wants us to walk in what He is already doing
  • God’s provision thus far! Praise Him!

Nervous about:

  • (One child in particular) the plane ride(s)
  • Learning/re-learning a new culture, language etc.
  • Where we fit
  • What it will be like – where we will live – what will we be doing – who will we be working with
  • What if (I) don’t like it

It has been a blessing to take this excitement and anxiousness to the Lord together as a family as He has been preparing us for this summer (and beyond). It’s amazing to look back and be able to see how He molds us and shapes us, gives us experiences and difficulties that always prepare us for what’s next. He does go before us. Praise Him!

So if you think of us over the next few weeks, here are a few things you can pray for us:

*Joey’s passport still has not arrived. We are at 5.5 weeks… so here’s hoping it comes by Friday 🙂

*The two weeks our family will be split in the US/DR

*Travel mercies


*Acclimating into the DR, the ministry of SCORE etc.

*Opportunities to serve, help and LOVE on people – that God will use us for His purpose

*Quickly picking up (re-picking up) the language. Hemos estado practicando.

*That God will use this time to grow us closer to Him

*For the groups/mission teams that will be coming down, for God to use them and for us as we minister to/with them

*A church to speak in August 3rd in the Tampa area

*Missionary Training School (need to raise support for that)

*Connections with more churches/individuals and opportunities to share our ministry/raise support this fall

Thanks for coming alongside us on this journey. We hope to update the blog at least once a week, but again, our plans are fluid 🙂drflag


~Kevin, Kendra & kiddos

PS – Here are a couple of PIX from Maranatha Bible Church that we visited this past Sunday.