It’s Whatever, Man

December 31, 2015.  The years just move along a little faster with each passing one. Gracious!  It’s always a day of at least some reflection.

I never declared “One Word” for 2015.  In fact, if I would have it probably would’ve been “It’s Whatever Man”.  Ok – that’s not a word, it’s a phrase so it wouldn’t even be a “One Word”, it would be a “One Phrase” (because just “Whatever” doesn’t quite encompass it all). Ha!

I mean – look at this blog.  This is only the 4th post in 2015!  It’s whatever, man.

At the end of 2014 we made a difficult decision to stay in the States as God began to show us it wasn’t His timing for another overseas ministry appointment. It’s whatever, man.

We began 2015 still picking up the financial pieces of the previous years where Kevin and I took turns being unemployed or going without a paycheck.  Starting over in your early 40s is not exactly delightful and we’re not where we want to be… but it’s whatever, man. 

On one hand it’s whatever, man, can be a cynical place, a white flag or a time to just go through the motions.  And there has definitely been some of that in 2015.  But it can also be a quiet surrender; trusting a Sovereign God in His timing, in doors that He opens and shuts and a season of patience and waiting and healing and refueling.

As I glance back over 2015 with some of the hindsight the Lord gives us, I can see some of the whatevers as blessings.  I only wrote three other blogs posts because I was so busy GOING BACK TO SCHOOL to renew my license for my NEW TEACHING JOB!  God has opened doors for each of us Grubbies for new opportunities and different communities to be a part of – strategic placements for His glory, we pray.  We still have a long way to go but Kevin and I are both EMPLOYED, have steady incomes and are on a financial plan.

In Job 2:10, Job asks, “Should we only accept good from God and not adversity?”  Great question. Sometimes the challenges that come along life’s path are just whatever to us, but maybe, just maybe, they are a part of His greater plan, a part of His refining work IN us and stuff He will use for His glory.

It’s all about PERSPECTIVE.

Perspective can mean the difference in wallowing in self-pity and trusting in a Sovereign God.  Perspective can mean the difference in fear (of the future, of the unknown, of failure, of lack, of __________) and walking by faith.  Perspective can mean the difference in despair and hope.

With 2016 just hours away, that’s my word for this year:


Will I fix my eyes on my circumstances or will I keep my “eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our (my) faith?” Heb. 12:2

Will I freak out at the not so wonderful things that will happen this year or will I “hold on to the confession of our (my) hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”  Heb. 10:23

Will my life answer the question that the enemy posed to God regarding Job (Job 1:9) – “Does Kendra fear God for nothing?”  Which is basically asking will Kendra be devoted to God only throughout good things in life? Or will she, will I, be devoted and bless God through EVERYTHING that comes across my path in 2016?

It’s all about perspective.


Like God

Faith and Trust.  Kindred cousins.

Without faith it is impossible to please God… Heb. 11:6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart… Prov. 3:5

The problem is that we often don’t have faith.  And we often don’t trust. So we plan and organize and worry and fret.  We may even manipulate and stress and coordinate and try to figure things out.  I will this.  I will that.

Someone else did that too.  Lucifer.  Satan.  The Devil.  (Ouch!)

He said to himself, “I will ascend to the heavens;
I will set up my throne 
above the stars of God.
 I will sit on the mount of the gods’ assembly, 
in the remotest parts of the North. I will ascend above the highest clouds; 
I will make myself like the Most High…” Isaiah 14:13-14   I’ll do this.  I’ll do that. He was planning.  He was manipulating.  He was coordinating.  He was fretting, because he wasn’t God, but he wanted to be LIKE God.  Well, he wanted TO BE GOD. He wanted to be in control, numero uno, Top Dog.  And that didn’t end well…

So we’re at a crossroads… in times of uncertainty or anxiety.  In times of trial or difficulty.  It times of fear and disappointment. Will we hang out with our cousins, faith and trust?  Or will we try to be like God?  Be the one in control?  Call the shots?  When we try to figure all the “stuff” out on our own, we are trying to be like God.  There can only be one Top Dog – who would you rather have in that spot, you or God?

There is a better way.


That your faith might not be based on men’s wisdom (our own wisdom), but on God’s power. 1 Cor. 2:5

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed in pure water. Let us hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. Heb. 10:22-23

TrusttruststoneThose who know Your name trust in You
because You have not abandoned
 those who seek You, Yahweh. Psalm 9:10

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust… Psalm 40:4

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. Psalm 28:7

What this looks like:

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Rom 10:17  Increase your faith by spending time in His word.  Learn it. Memorize it. Meditate on it so when “stuff” comes up, His word will come to mind, encouraging you to let God be God.  To trust.  To have faith.  Because He is Faithful and Trustworthy!