Nothing Says Welcome to the Dominican Republic Like..

mosquitoChikungunya.  (Chick – kun – goon – yah).  Not chimichanga or chupacabra.  😉 Maybe you’ve heard about this little virus as it is making national news.  It is passed by Mosquitos and is currently running rampant in the DR. Cases have been reported across the US as well, from people who have recently visited the Caribbean.  About 2 out of 3 people that I talk to down here have already had it, including 2 of the 3 of my family that came down here a couple of weeks ago.

Chikungunya is not fun, but it is not fatal.  It brings a fever for 2-4 days, body aches (especially the joints) and then a rash.  The good news is once you have it, you are not supposed to get it again.  You may still have some joint pain for a week (or more), especially if you’re older (ahem, Kevin).  It is not contagious unless one of the little buggers that bit someone with the virus then bites you.  Three of the five of us have not had it.  I hope it stays that way! Although, you know how you just hope your kiddos get the Chicken Pox when they’re young to get it over with?  I sort of feel that way about the Chik.  If we are going to get it, it would be nice to get it this summer, when are are in more of a helping role (not as many responsibilities) than when we come back full-time in a more defined role with more responsibilities.
Speaking of being welcomed, it has been a blessing to reconnect with many of our Dominican SCORE family.  From Rosa who cooks amazing meals for the groups to Deybi who drives a bus, or Tomas who brings his horses for teams to ride and Jose who sells jewelry and souvenirs at the SCORE complex.  If any of you have been here you know it was great to see Kiko and his beautiful wife Kelly.  And of course our friends, Giovanni and Carolina.  Oh how we’ve MISSED our Dominican Family.  It has also been a blessing to work along our SCORE-DR Team/Staff/Missionaries.  This is a hard-working, sold-out, gracious and FUN group of people.  I’m thankful for the many I’ve met just in the few weeks I’ve been here.
Things are going well.  The Grubbies are often split between different teams to help where needed.  Julia has been working with SERV this week as they are starting construction on the 2nd church that missionary Craig McClure has planted. Emma and I traveled with the Girls’ Basketball Team from Super Sports Week so I could translate for them and she played with the team.  In addition to basketball and sharing Jesus, we visited the Springs in the Desert Day Center where parents can bring their kiddos for care as they work the long hours in the sugar cane or at the Free Zone and they get a hot meal.  We visited the Lily House and even did some sight seeing in the capital.   Finally, we hung out in a village outside of San Pedro, played with the kids and had a little service where we sang and shared the gospel with the people. Joey hung out with the Boys’ Basketball Team from SSW and played as well, but for the Dominican team :).  Kevin has been doing numerous airport runs and helping CWE with transporting their meals as they work on building another dorm at Pasitos de Jesus.  Oh! And this is also KOSMOS week, which is a youth mission’s conference ON the mission field, and we attended the services each night where we’ve worshipped together and been challenged in the word.  So yeah, it’s been a little busy this week :).  Here is a link to the albums with LOTS of pix of all we’ve been up to.
Please pray for all of the staff and missionaries as they are working tirelessly through the many facets of the ministry.  Please also pray as the Founder of SCORE International, Ron Bishop, went to be with the Lord last week. We will be having a memorial service this week for him as most of us couldn’t leave the DR to attend his funeral.  Since I’m wrapping this post, I won’t elaborate right now on what Ron means/has meant to us, our family and our ministry over the years ~ but he and his passion, his message and his vision has been a game changer for The Grubbies and MANY, many others.  To GOD be the GLORY for the life of Ron Bishop. ronbishop

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