Jesus is Not an App

There’s an app for that. I just love how in the span of 90 seconds you can read the headlines for top news stories, check the weather in 2-3 locations for 5-10 days, glance at your to-do list or even your calendar and browse over a couple of emails. Ahhhhh, technology is our friend.   Well, it’s my friend anyways. 😉

On my iDevice there are also apps for music, videos, games, social media, pictures, travel, recipes, sports, reading and yes, for the Bible (or other devotionals). You open the app, do your thang, and when you’re done (if you’re anal about closing apps like Emma and I are) you double click and swipe and it’s on to the next thing.

Speaking of devotionals, our family loves Jesus Calling. It was a book before it was an app, but we loved it so much we bought the app and have it on our iDevices.   So to start our day we may open the app, read the day’s devotional, then double-click/swipe to close it and on about our day. Or perhaps it’s a YouVersion devotional. Open up the Bible app. Read the day’s selection. Maybe even tweet a verse. Double click, swipe. Next.

And that’s ok for a quick pick-me-up, a little snack of God’s word throughout the day. But ladies and gentlemen, Jesus is not an app. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a device or an actual (paper) Bible, God’s word is not meant to be rushed. It’s not just something to check off our to-do list for the day or just to be used to fill in the blanks of a Bible study book. It’s to spend time with Him. Be still before Him. To get to know Him. Focus. It’s a time to let His words comfort; let the truth of His Word convict us, challenge us, change us. Because it won’t if it’s just an app.

I was so blessed and challenged by Micha Boyett’s blog post on Margaret Feinberg’s blog Tuesday on prayer. In an attempt to reconnect with God, she retreated to a monastery because “the Benedictines believe God has actually given us enough time in each day for work and study and rest and prayer”. God has given us enough time.

I don’t know about you, but my to-do list bangs loudly on the doors of my head. It’s almost impossible to turn it off.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 The HCSB says, “Stop your fighting… and know that I am God.” Remember what Jesus said about Mary and Martha? He said Mary got it right.  Chill out. Take a seat.  Let’s hang.

We’re all in a hurry. We’re all busy. Technology is awesome in a lot of ways, but it has trained us that we can get things now, get things quickly and move on without batting an eye. Next. It has increased distractions and lessened our ability to focus (at least for me).

So whether you spend time with Jesus via a screen or a page, slow down. Breathe. Pray. Listen. Hear. Because Jesus is not an app.

I close with May 30th’s Jesus Calling. Find a cubby of space and time, spend it with Jesus. And let that time transform the rest of your day(s).IMG_9825


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