Missions Monday #MissionsMonday

This is Emma’s idea for her Instagram and so I thought – hmmmmmmm, maybe we can take this to the GrubHub as well.   [Of course I don’t guarantee EVERY Monday there will be a post about Missions… as life gets in the way and soon we will be entering a VERY busy summer at SCORE in the DR, but hopefully we will get close!]

A week ago Sunday we attended an International Dinner and Missions Night at the Lutheran church I grew up in. Yes, I said Lutheran. 🙂 Interesting, huh? The truth of the matter is that if it wasn’t for Martin Luther – we’d all still be Roman Catholic. We would trust our good works to get us to heaven and our confessions to a priest/pope to keep us out of hell. The funny thing is, while I did glean the beginnings of a spiritual foundation on the biblical truths taught there, I still had blinders on to certain biblical truths ~ like there was nothing I could do to save myself, that I needed to REPENT of my sin and accept Christ as my Savior, that following Him means surrender in every facet of my life. Those are not Baptist principles or Pentecostal principles or Lutheran principles – they are BIBLICAL principles. And I thank the Lord for drawing me, opening my eyes and revealing His truth to me by the Holy Spirit in my early 20s.

After I was saved, however, I was quite dogmatic and saw things as very black and white. I assumed that since I heard (my spiritual ears finally opened to) these truths in a church/denomination other than the one I was raised in, that they were wrong and this church/denomination was right. (Arrogant, much?) Again, thank the Lord that He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete (and still completing) it (Phil. 1:6). As I have grown in spiritual maturity, I have learned that people have grown up hearing the truth in Baptist churches, A/G churches, Nazarene churches, Lutheran churches etc., but because their spiritual ears weren’t opened to that truth at that time, they didn’t accept Christ until later in life, like I.  That there are people who have accepted Christ and have a personal relationship with Him, serve Him and SHARE Him in all kinds of denominations. PRAISE THE LORD!

Sorry for the rabbit trail – it is interesting when God brings things full circle (like an apologetic-loving girl raised in a Lutheran church, saved in an A/G church, discipled in an Independent Baptist church, planted a Southern Baptist church and currently attending and being sent to a non-denominational ministry from an Evangelical Presbyterian Church…).

All that to say – I was so blessed by the Missions Night. From the others going on short-term trips to the opening prayer, the heart of the night was taking the GOSPEL to the NATIONS! Reaching out to the poor, the orphans and sick.  Sharing Jesus.  GLORY!

We had a delightful international meal. Whoever made the chicken enchiladas – those were AmAzInG! The meal was followed by a “Pound Auction.” Have you ever heard of such a thing? I had not, and it was So. Much. Fun! Basically, people brought items wrapped or in gift bags that weighed about a pound and we, the audience, bid on them – not knowing what they were. There were things like a bunch of bananas, POUND cakes :), coffee and other items. It was a blast! All of the proceeds will go to the mission teams represented (us included). We connected with friends/church family from the past and met some great people. Blessed night! Here are some photos from that night.

PS – Speaking of photos, we’re going to start adding photos to our Flickr account from each church we visit, different mission teams we work with in the DR etc.  You can get to those albums in the margin on the right.  🙂


Any thoughts??

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