Is it the clumpy way he walks?

Or the grumpy way he talks?

Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped weirdness of his feet?


And though we know he washes well – he always ends up sort of smelly.

But you’ll never meet a fellow who’s as

Sensitive and sweet!

So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,So he’s got a few flaws…


Are you singing yet? If you’re not, then you obviously haven’t seen “Frozen” yet. And my goodness, why in the world NOT? 🙂 If you have kiddos under 18 (or maybe even if you don’t), you may be like me and have seen it more times than you have fingers – in which case as a blogger, it’s bound to end up in a post. Here we go!

Believe it or not, this is a marriage post. I know, I know – I told you back in March that we were going to share a few things on the subject. And it’s still coming (starting now) ~ it’s been a bit of whirlwind around here.

Back in March my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and last month in April, my in-laws celebrated their 51st! WOW! It’s almost unheard of to see a couple make it to that milestone, and we are blessed that BOTH of our parents have made it and crossed over it!  The premise of these marriage posts is the anticipation of Kevin and my 20th anniversary THIS MONTH! Now, if I tell you it’s been all rainbows and butterflies and unicorns I’d be straying from the truth. None of the three of us couples may be writing the “Stellar Marriage Book” anytime soon – and largely because we are married to a “fixer upper”. 😉

Is it the way that he runs scared?

Or that he’s socially impaired?

Or that he only likes to tinkle in the woods?


He he! I’m sure we could all write some verses about our spouse. I’ll spare you mine – ha! It’s no doubt that you’re married to a “fixer upper” too. How do I know that? Well, Jesus was the ONLY ONE who walked this earth and was perfect.

So what do you do if your guy’s got a couple of bugs or your gal’s brain’s a bit betwixt? 


Keep listening…

You can fix this fixer-upper up with a little bit of love!

We’re not sayin’ you can change him,‘cause people don’t really change*.We’re only saying that love’s a force that’s powerful and strange.

People make bad choices if they’re mad,or scared, or stressed.

Throw a little love their way.

Throw a little love their way.

And you’ll bring out their best.

The thing is, we look at our fixer-upper and think – there’s nothing that can fix that fixer-upper.   We think the grass is greener…. When the truth is:


I have been there. And to fix a fixer-upper one way to start is to:

LOVE – If she’s grouchy in the morning, love her anyway. If the honey-do list gets ignored – love him anyway. If you can’t decide on what movie to watch, what color to paint the kitchen or where to take vacation – love ‘em anyway. If they work too many hours, or if they don’t work enough hours, love ‘em anyway. Love covers a multitude of sins (offenses, shortcomings, failures…). 1 Pet. 4:8

PRAY – if you think you can’t make it another day, pray. If you think you don’t even love them anymore, pray. If he’s disinterested or she’s distracted, pray. If life is busy with the kids, school, work, church, activities… pray. If he’s annoying or she’s a-naggin’, pray. (Real talk.)

SEEK – if it’s that bad – seek help (especially if any sort of abuse is involved). In other situations, seek counsel – your pastor, a counselor, a godly older couple. MARRIAGE IS HARD. You are NOT ALONE! Seek the help you need, it is worth it. God CAN heal, save and restore.

When all these things happen to you—the blessings and curses I have set before you—and you come to your senses while you are in all the nations where the Lord your God has driven you, and you and your children return to the Lord your God and obey Him with all your heart and all your soul by doingeverything I am giving you today, then He will restore your fortunes,have compassion on you, and gather you again from all the peoples where the Lord your God has scattered you.Even if your exiles are at the ends of the earth, He will gather you and bring you back from there. Deut. 30:1-4

So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,but this we’re certain of
: you can fix this fixer-upper up with a little bit of love!



PS – *People can and do change, especially when God is the One doing the changing :).


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