Happy 50th, Mom ~n~ Dad!!

In a couple of months, two to be exact, Kevin and I will be celebrating a milestone anniversary ~ 20 years.   That being said – I’m excited to share that we have a handful of marriage posts coming up between now and then.  And what better way to kick these off than to honor my Mom and Dad today ~ on their 50th anniversary.


50 years ago today, a couple of 20-somethings stood before God, family and friends and pledged their love and commitment to each other.  After a courtship that included Dad taking long drives to visit Mom at OSU, double dates with friends (that are still friends today) and well – a whole lot of shenanigans that they probably never told us about (*gasp :p) they became man and wife.  First comes love, then comes marriage… then comes three (awesome… ahem) kiddos in baby carriages.


The kid-rearing years are marked by Dad working hard and showing love to his family through his commitment to provide for us.  Mom stayed home with us kiddos while we were little, then went back to school to go back to teaching.  Those were busy years, like they are for all working families with kiddos under the roof.  I appreciate all you did to provide for us, Mom and Dad, working hard so we could have what we had and could do what we did.   I’m sure your marriage had its ebbs and flows throughout those years.  Thanks for sticking it out.


Then, we all left.  One by one we married, moved out and moved on.   These past 20+ years you guys moved gracefully into that next chapter of your life – the empty nest, retirement and grandparenthood (which you ROCK by the way).   Life changes and some things never do.  Your marriage remains the common thread of all these years.


One cannot reflect on these 50 years without noting the multiple couples that you all continue to do life with, many of them for most of these 50 years.   I love that about your life – the friendships that have been an integral facet of your marriage.  You are so blessed.


So here we are reflecting on 50 years.  Wowzas!  50 years.  “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”  🙂  I’m sure anyone reading this can relate if they’ve been married for more than A DAY!  If I think of my parent’s marriage the words ooey, gooey, sickening sweet do not come to mind.  Ha!  And that’s ok.  Every marriage looks different.  For realzzzz.  What does come to mind, though are longevity, love, commitment and perseverance.   There is something to say about all of that. A picture-perfect, fairy tale love affair? No.  Not like what is pictured in the movies, but a love story speckled with fun, friends and family.  And eye-rolling, sarcasm and stiff drinks… hey – whatever works 🙂.


Thank you, Mom and Dad for being a tremendous example of commitment, perseverance and LOVE.   Thanks for showing us, the next generation, that love is worth holding on to and that the true fairy tale story is one that can still be celebrated 50 years later.  Thanks for your commitment to God, each other and all of us.


I don’t know of anything that will put a test to your faith like marriage does, so on your GOLD anniversary, I leave you with this verse:

Your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.” 1 Peter 1:7


Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad.  Can’t wait to celebrate tonight!


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