Calm Before The Storm

Sunday afternoon the snow started.  It was the MOST beautiful snowfall.   We enjoyed the view for several hours from indoors; some of us reading, some of us on social media, some of us watching sports, some sleeping – some multi-tasking and doing two or more of the above at the same time :).   Finally, after several hours, the five Grubbies headed out to tackle the first four inches that had fallen and let me tell ya’.  It.  Was.  Breathtaking.

IMG_9274 IMG_9270 IMG_9264The temperatures were still in the upper 20s and there was little to no wind.   It was so peaceful.  And fun.  We quickly shoveled the driveway and sidewalks so we could have FUN!  Snowball fights and snowmen!

IMG_9279IMG_9268IMG_9256IMG_9258I seriously could’ve set up my “chair in a bag” and just stayed out there forever.   We enjoyed it. Savored it.  Even thanked God for it.

We ended up with about 8 inches of snow in Findlay, but that was just part one of the storm.  In fact, one could call it the calm before the storm.   I tweeted that afternoon a video of the beautiful falling snow and said, “I wish it would stay like this, pretty and peaceful” knowing what was coming…

Then came part two of the storm.   Barrowing winds arrived  and plummeted temperatures into the –negatives- for highs (real temp) and -40ish wind chills!  That coupled with 8-12 inches of snow for Northwest Ohio created near blizzard conditions, icy roads (that are still icy today, four days later) and threatened lives of anyone outdoors.  With this storm there were school closings, pipes bursting, Facebook complaining (come on, you know it’s true ;)), batteries dead, accidents on highways forcing people to be in their cars at a standstill for 3+hours, cabin fever and more!

IMG_9311We knew it was coming.  We have wonderful meteorologists and enough media/social media to keep everyone in the know, thankfully.

And so it is in life. One optimistic preacher said, “You’re either in a storm, coming out of a storm or heading into a storm.”  Well if that doesn’t just encourage ya’.

But it’s true.   And some storms have warnings.   And some don’t.  Seriously – so much of life can be a struggle – whether a spring shower or a blizzardy winter – so when it’s delightful, delight in it.  If you find yourself in a calm, enjoy it.  Have some fun.  Frolic in it.  Really, frolic?  Set up your “chair in a bag” and enjoy it.  Savor it.  Thank God for it.



(Last photo courtesy of the Wallpapers HD app.)





Any thoughts??

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