The Gift of Peace


peacePeace is not in abundance.  Just check out your Facebook feed.  Two words – Duck Dynasty.  Everyone has an opinion.  And that’s just this week’s uproar.   Next month it will be something different.  Good Lawd – can’t we all get along ? 🙂


Conflict is just one of the many things that steal our peace.  Fear, frustration, failure. Crisis, chaos, cash flow.   Worry, anger, grief. An unsettling diagnosis.  Shoot – even Christmas can attempt to steal our peace if we let it.  Or even if we don’t.  


Speaking of Christmas – we give and receive gifts, but have we received the gift of PEACE?  Last week at church, the message centered on the fact that Peace is a gift from God.   It’s one that He wants us to receive.   He is blessed when we receive it.


Anyone can have moments of peace.  Snuggling a sleeping newborn.  A beautiful sunrise/sunset.  Reading a book by a quiet stream on a lovely, warm spring day.   Ahhhhhhh. *Happy place… But, if you’re a Christ Follower, you can have peace even when life’s not peaceful.   You can be hunkered down in a tornado warning but have peace.  You can walk through a scary diagnosis or financial crisis and have peace.  You can be in a waiting/longing stage of life and still have peace.

And it’s a gift. 


For a Child will be born FOR us, a son will be given us, and the government will be on His shoulders.  He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of PEACE. Isaiah 9:6


The child will be born FOR us.  Because He is a gift to us, for us.   This Christmas, if you’ve not received that gift, call out to God.  Ask Him for the gift of His Son in your life.   Ask Him for His peace and commit to follow Him, which brings peace.   Christ Follower, – ask Him for the peace only He can give in conflict, in crisis, in Christmas.   It’s a gift He wants to give you, not only when you choose Him as your Savior, but every day as you walk with Him.


“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”  Luke 2:14


Is God pleased with you?  Does He favor you?  If you are His child, He is/He does.  Regardless, His peace is readily available to you – for the first time or continually as His child.  Ask Him today for His gift of PEACE.


~Blessings and Merry Christmas – The Grubbies ~

Grubbie Kiddos



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