#40isthenew30 #FridayFunny

So, Kevin has hijacked the blog this week (which I am so excited about him writing!!) but I thought I’d shake things up with something of the lighter fare.  Something not-so-serious… I mean, for reallllzzzz.

1234040.  Shoot, I’m actually on the cusp of
41!  It hasn’t been bad. Honestly, I didn’t even dread its arrival. In fact, I’ve been having a little fun with it. Thus the hashtag: #40isthenew30.  I’ve probably said it around you if we know each other in real life, if not verbally, under my breath or in my head :p.

For example, there was a birthday at work last month (they LOVE to celebrate birthdays there!). There were shenanigans and age discussions, when a young whipper-snapper asked, “Kendra, how old ARE you?”  To which I replied simply, 40 – it’s the new 30 by-the-way. :). Of course my co-workers gasped at the response because my youthful glow never would’ve made them think my age started with a *four*! (I embellish.) :p It all went south, though, when she replied to my age with, “Oh! My mom’s 43!”  Say whaaaaaaa????  Ha ha ha.40

So yeah, 40. We have things like “flashes” and take measures to keep the girls where they need to be. And oh, the insanity of the metabolism slowdown! Vision does wacky things like getting better by a couple of optometric clicks 6 months ago only to return to its previous state (thus confusing my world of contacts and glasses).  Annnnnnnndddd for the record, I do not require bi-focals yet. (Dern (that’s #40isthenew30 for “darn”), I probably shouldn’t have that in writing #jinx!!).

Wisdom. That’s another thing that shows up. Biblical wisdom. Prov 16:31 :). I’m blessed in that I can keep my wisdom hidden pretty well as long as I don’t pull my hair up. And then if I do pull it up, I may or may not resemble Cruella Deville :). Just sayin’!

We get to use things like firmers and toners. Girdles, ahem – spanx (modern 40 girlie right here!) We pluck and wax. We moisturize and condition. Some of us color… not pictures.4decades

We remember our first cell phone (in our 20s), connecting to the internet via dial-up and a crazy new way to correspond – EMAIL.  Gas was $1.29.  (There she goes, talking about the good ‘ol days… someone stop her before #40isthenew30 becomes #40isthenew50!)

And let me tell ya’, those of us (ahem, y’all) that still have “parts” – well they work!  I have FOUR classmates that had BABIES this year!  If that’s not #40isthenew30!?!  We are just spring chickens y’all!  And other classmates – they’re doing crazy things like MARATHONS and MUD-RUNS.  Ain’t no grey-hair, rocking chair, country fair 40-fest.  These gals are the REAL DEAL.

But seriously – some of the benefits as the clock keeps ticking are that we’re still young enough to enjoy being very active yet old enough to have some necessary life experience under our belts. Somewhere along the line I’ve been able to better sift out the unnecessaries – saying no to some good things to focus on the better things. I am comfortable in my own skin, in who I am in Christ and in my priorities. A work in progress, but progress has been made in the past 40 (by the grace of GOD). Got half of 40 under our belts in regards to being married – well that deserves a hashtag, almost #20yearsmarried! Our kiddos don’t need our constant supervision – we can ditch them faster than you can say #40isthenew30 if we want to do a spontaneous coffee date! We still have our parents and the active/crazy/fun stage our kiddos in keeps us hoppin’!  I gotta tell ya’ – 40 kind of ROCKS!

So tell me, what are some of the perks… and quirks of whatever age you are?


Any thoughts??

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