15 Week Update

Has it really been 15 weeks?   It has.  15 weeks since our journey with LifePoint Community Church came to an end.  In some ways it seems SO long ago.  In some ways it was just yesterday.   Let me start this update with this.  We loved LifePoint Community Church – not the building – the wonderful people God allowed us to love and serve, and to serve with.  Not loved, love.  And we miss them (you).  And we miss that mission – reaching a demographic that is still unreached in this area.  We trust God will reach this community – He is still at work, even though our doors are closed.  His mission continues and was never dependent on us – He will call and equip others for this task.  Thankful for His sovereignty in all of this.

So what have we been up to?

There’s some things that haven’t changed – busy schedule with work, job searches, school, kids’ activities.  Initially we pulled back a bit socially, and have slowly and steadily been increasing in that arena.  We are so thankful for the wonderful family and friends that God has used to minister TO us over these past 15 weeks.  Every phone call, text, message, visit, coffee date, prayer lifted, joke told, hug has been life-giving to us. We are truly blessed.

The first few weeks we attended church online at Lifechurch.tv and loved it!  Julia loves Pastor Craig’s pipes…. And Joey and Emma think he is hilarious.  Seriously though, I hold LifeChurch.tv in such high regard and have continued to attend church online and/or listen to the sermon podcasts.  His messages are biblical, challenging and applicable.  The leadership at Gateway Church (practically in our backyard) reached out to Kevin very shortly after closing LP to provide encouragement, pastor to pastor.  That encouragement was a blessing.   They and some others have been very gracious.  We have attended there most Sundays.  I have been attending Bible Study there and last night, Kevin and I tried out a LifeGroup.

Kevin has been in counseling (*gasp)!  I include this for a couple of reasons… We have always been HUGE advocates of counseling.   In ministry, we (Kevin and I) can encourage people in the word – but there’s something about meeting with a counselor that is so beneficial.  I also share it because we are human.  We stepped out in faith to plant LP 5 years ago, and because of that had targets on our backs – just like ANYONE that steps out in FAITH to do ANYTHING in Jesus’ Name.  Do we and did we have faith? Yes – sustaining faith and God has continually shown us resilient grace.  Yet we are still human, and sometimes we too need to reach out for help to process hurts and disappointments and soak up some wisdom and direction.  The person God lead us to has been the perfect fit for Kev and we are so blessed that he has had this opportunity.

I started a new job in October and it is going great. I have a wonderful boss and great co-workers and so far am enjoying the work.  I work mostly from home, but also go to our office in Toledo about once a week.  Thankful for God’s provision for this job and (drumroll please….) BENEFITS starting December 1st.  Praise the LORD!

How are we, you ask?

We are doing well.  We really are.  The Lord has been gracious.  We have the joy of the Lord and even happiness.  Our marriage is strong, our kids are amazing and life is going on.  We are not sitting the greatest financially, but God has provided and is our Provider.  From the day LP closed, God brought us the message, “I’m not finished with you yet,” from a plethora of people/situations.  We were thankful for the encouragement, but were looking forward to a break, an indefinite sabbatical from ministry…  A secular job for Kevin.  Make some money, pay off some debt, breathe… But we have not stumbled upon such a job for Kevin.  He did have an offer for a ministry position that was very difficult to turn down.   God hasn’t taken us from this world and still has purpose for our lives.  He has a great plan and has used the past several years to prepare us for what’s next.  He’s always a step ahead, laying the groundwork and He doesn’t make mistakes.

So what’s next?  Be back soon with that answer. 🙂


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