The Voice

I LOVE The Voice.  It’s a great show.  I’ve enjoyed AI in the past, but this year’s Voice has some seriously amazing talent.  Loving it!

However, that is not what I am writing about… See, there’s a couple of voices out there vying for our attention. One voice is the one we all know.  The one who whispers fear. Doubt.  Worry. Stirs up conflict. Anxiety. Tells LIES – because he is the AUTHOR of lies.  He’s a promise stealer – a joy squelcher – a grace killer.  

One thing I LOVE about studying the book of Revelation is reading about HOW IT ALL ENDS! All the enemy’s lies and destruction will END…

The salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Messiah have now come… because the accuser of our brothers HAS. BEEN. THROWN. OUT! Rev.12:10

Don’t ya just wanna yell, “SUCKAHHHHHHHHH!!!”?

No more lies.  No more darts of insecurity, worthlessness, spite, fear, hatred. No MORE.

When we closed LP, the devil would’ve liked nothing more than to wipe us off the face of ministry.  Immobilize us. DEFEAT us. Discourage us. Have us turn our back on our faith even. But, the first week after we closed the church, God spoke over and over and over again, “I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!” In fact, we wanted to take a break from ministry, like a looooooooonnnnggg break. And those first few weeks, ministry was the last thing on our mind.

But, God. The Voice. God, our sweet loving Father.  He speaks TRUTH into us from His word and from His people.  He brings counsel. Hope. Restoration. GRACE. Promise. Joy. LOVE. He is GRACIOUS (another post coming).  He even spoke to Kevin through a movie he watched (raise your hand if you’d like Kevin to blog about that!! *hand raised!!).  He whispers life, forgiveness, hope, purpose.  And throughout this ministry break, He is drawing us to Himself – not further away like the dingbat devil would like.

When the enemy is accusing, remind him his time is short – and turn to the Word.  Find TRUTH to replace the lies.  Find HOPE to wash away hopelessness.  Find GRACE to suffocate guilt. And here’s the deal… God’s Word, The Voice, always trumps the lame duck voice of the enemy.  Now, and FOR ETERNITY.


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