Resilient Grace

eggtossHave you ever participated in an egg toss?   Church picnic or a family reunion?  You and your partner line up and face each other.  Just a step away from each other at first but with each passing round another step further away.  It gets kind of crazy come round 5 or 6 and there’s quite the distance between you two.  There’s probably only a few pairs left in the competition and the rest of the crowd is cheering you on.  You chuckle inside because you know the secret to catching the egg as it comes flying at you.  You cup your hands and as the egg drops from the air, you don’t just catch the egg – your hands move down with the egg slowly so the egg lands gently, in one piece, in your hands.

That is the picture I get when thinking about grace.   Recently someone asked Kevin how our kiddos are doing since we closed the church.  He answered, “They’re doing pretty good.  They’ve always been resilient.”   And they have.  (And that brings a tear to my eye.) From leaving the US to move to a 3rd world country when they were little to returning to the US and assimilating back into American culture. Or jumping on board, all hands on deck when God called us to plant a church.  And when faced with some of the hard parts of being a “pastor’s kid”.  And now, going through closing a church – watching, now that they’re older and you can’t (not that we’d want to) hide as much from them – watching your parents deal with tough emotions… and watching God work and heal.  Yeah, they’re pretty resilient.

Yet, not they…

… yet not I, but God’s grace that was with me.” 1 Cor. 15:10 **my life verse**

… but God’s grace that was (is) with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I have really GREAT kids.  But they’re not resilient because they’re awesome – but because of God’s GRACE in them.  His resilient grace.

Just like an egg gets tossed in a game, we get tossed around by life.  Little things, just a step away, to big things when you’re 5-6, maybe 10 steps away from each other.  But, just like the one who knows the secret to winning the Egg Toss, God catches us ever so gently that we don’t crack.  It may feel like we’re about to crack, and a lot of days and in a lot of situations the fall is dismal – but He is always there to catch us with His resilient grace.

“For from His fullness, we have all received grace after grace.John 1:16

Thank You, Jesus, for your resilient grace!


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