Miracles in the Mess

A great tragedy has happened this week.  While it has been filled with heartache, it has also been filled with miracles.

My Uncle’s home exploded Wednesday morning.  You may have seen it on the news here, here, here or here.  Such a tragedy as it took the life of his fiancé, Judy, severely injured my uncle and destroyed his and many others’ homes.  There are some things that we will never understand this side of heaven – including why things like this happen, why God took Judy and not Uncle Steve, among other questions.  One thing for certain, when someone passes away young or unexpected like that, we can trust that God already knew the number of days she would have and He is still sovereign.

While our hearts are heavy we are also celebrating the miracles in the mess.

*It is a MIRACLE Uncle Steve is alive! Have you seen the pictures?  Debris from the blast has been found miles away. Yes – he has serious injuries and has a LONG road of recovery ahead of him, but if you see the disaster scene, it is a MIRACLE that anyone came out alive.  (Please pray for his recovery, pain control, that he stays free of infection as well as the emotional healing he will need).

*It is a MIRACLE that his hearing was not affected at all.  The blast was heard 15-20 miles away in neighboring towns, yet Uncle Steve’s hearing has not been affected.

*It’s a MIRACLE that his defibrillator is fine. His heart is fine. Amazing!

*It is a MIRACLE some of the things that have already been found in the rubble.  Five Bibles. (The insurance adjuster even mentioned to one of my cousins that he wouldn’t be surprised if they found any Bibles.  Those seem to survive disasters like this.  Coincidence?  I think not.)  Important personal affects.  His purple heart.

*Speaking of his purple heart – this is the 2nd blast of this kind that he has survived – what a MIRACLE!  The first was in Vietnam when his bunker exploded and he was the only one to survive.  God had a plan for him to keep him alive then and now.

*Miracles of family, of community, of grace.  It’s so gracious of God to allow us to see His miracles during such a horrific week.

God, be praised.




9 thoughts on “Miracles in the Mess

  1. Miracles happen to those that believe. I have no doubt what so ever that Uncle Steve believed—with so many bibles in his home. Praise God for his miracle. I believe—do you?


  2. Mrs. Grub. Had no idea that was your uncle. I was there with my crew from Napoleon Fire. So sorry, but glad to hear Steve is going to be OK. Small world that 13 years after high school our paths would cross in the aftermath of a disaster. Take care and God bless you and your family.


  3. Words are hard to come by in the face of so much hurt, pain &destruction. Prayers daily for Steve and for Judy’s family. This gentleman lived next door to our daughter and had to move when 24 went in and start over where he was at when this happened,His loss shortly after the move,then this~ he has met with some major tragic happenings in his life. God has a plan for him, now to find out he was in another explosion, wow, words are hard to put with this. amazing. Thank him for his service and let him know he is in so many peoples prayers.


  4. Kendra, So sorry to hear this but I’m praising God with you, for the miracles! God is Sovereign! We will keep your Uncle Steve in prayer, for healing, strength and encouragement. We’ll also pray for you and your family as you continue to “process” everything and draw your strength from Him. Blessings on the week ahead. . .


  5. My mom, Pat Kramer, Pastor Kramer’s wife, from St. Paul Lutheran, was in a horrible car accident years ago and like you and your faith, we began to look at the accident and notice how God had His hand in that accident. We looked at the many miracles and how her accident to this day is a way to share our faith and how in tragedy, God has HIs plan. Praying for you, your uncle as you go through the recovery process as well as grieving in this time. But there is a great Community surrounding you


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