What Hasn’t Changed

So, I’m not (technically) a Pastor’s Wife” anymore.  We closed our church. So, while I may not be making bulletins, sending emails, leading Bible Study, organizing a kid’s ministry, planning events, coordinating volunteers and simply being there for needs that arise in the church – there are some things that haven’t changed.  I mentioned in a blog post a few years ago, I didn’t do what I did because I was the Pastor’s Wife, I did them because I am a follower and lover of Jesus.  Here are some things that haven’t changed:

  • I love Jesus.  I love Him.  He has saved me and redeemed me.  He has given me hope and a purpose. He is my Savior and my BEST and most trusted Friend.
  • I love His word.  His word guides me, encourages me, convicts me, displays His love for me… He. Still. Speaks. To. Me.
  • I LOVE His people.  I love our L-Peeps.  That is the most heartbreaking thing about closing a church.  I felt like all of our kiddos were taken away from us and placed into foster care. We were in a beautiful season of sweet fellowship.  I also love His kiddos that were not L-Peeps.   We are the church if we bear Christ’s name, and He has given me a great love for you.
  • I love that He has a plan.  I love that He hasn’t forgotten about me. I love that I can trust Him. I love that He is sovereign. I love that He gets me.
  • I love that He’s not finished with me yet.  Just because I’m not serving Him through a church right now,  He will still use me.  In fact, I may just be more effective, more hands-on (like He’s called me to be) in this next season.

Annnnnnnnnnd, I still like sushi, cheering on my kiddos in what they love, Coffee Amici and my doggies.   Reading a good book (actually have some time for that right now), chatting with my fraaaaannnd in Connecticut, writing and hanging out with my man.  Oh, and I still have a job… til Friday (EEEEKKK!).

So, while a lot has changed, there’s more that hasn’t changed.  God is good.


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