Blah Busters – Revisited

Good Monday Morning to ya’!   These past five weeks have been some of the most challenging in our lives (in case you didn’t hear, we closed our church).  We are doing mostly good, but have had a few rough days that have knocked the wind out of us.  So thankful for the Lord’s sustaining grace that those rough days have been few.  Annnnnnnnd, I’m so thankful that, by His sustaining grace, we have not crawled into the luring hole the enemy has tried to swallow us up into.  You know the one.  The one where you just crawl up in bed, stay there, can’t put one foot in front of the other.  Where the simple task of making a meal for your family feels overwhelming. Where you recount every fault you’ve ever had or worry about every possibility of the future. Where everyone’s your enemy and God’s voice is (seemingly) absent.

We’re not there right now and it’s because of a) His sustaining grace and b) being intentional about not falling into the blahs.  A few years ago, I wrote Blah Busters.  It came to mind as we are in this waiting/transition/uncertain time – so I thought I’d repost it.  For you and for me.  Maybe you’re there.  Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you know someone who is there. Maybe you can prepare yourself to not go there by doing some of these “BLAH-BUSTERS”.

The BLAHS. If you live in Ohio, you know that we barely had summer and now, fall has hit us like a ton of bricks. Cold. Rainy. Cold. Windy. It’s not even looking like we’re going to have an Indian Summer. Blah.

I know I have had a couple days of BLAH recently. You know, when you just can’t put your finger on it. You just feel blah. Don’t have any ‘get-up-n-go’. Not motivated to accomplish what needs to get done in a day. Irritated with people around you, but not necessarily anything they do. Maybe accompanied by a mild headache. The kind of day you just want to curl up in your ‘Snuggie’ in a fetal position, stay in bed and let life go on around you.

Apparently, I’m not alone, because almost every female I’ve talked with lately has had a recent blah day(s). And with a minuscule summer, no transition to fall and knowing winter is right around the corner… It’s too early to have this many BLAH days. I’m gonna be in BIG TROUBLE come January at this rate. So, I’ve been thinking about how to combat the blahs. Here’s what I’ve come up with (for now):

  • *Get dressed – Yes, we have many-a-pajama-days here at the Grubbie School of Higher Education… but when I’m having a BLAH day, one of the best things I can do is get dressed. Not only get dressed, but do the hair and splash on some make-up… as if I’m going somewhere. It’s amazing how you feel when you’re ready for the day – you sit up straighter, feel motivated to tackle the must-dos and wear the confidence that was hidden under the jammies.
  • *Eat something healthy – Again, I’m all for comfort food. However, when I’m feeling BLAH, comfort food may just snowball the blah-ness. Foods that are high in sugar (brownies, ice cream) or high in carbs/starch (mashed potatoes, mac-n-chz) might provide momentary comfort, but they are going to leave you (me) feeling a new level of blah once they work through your system. I recommend eating an apple (brings same effect as coffee to help ya’ wake up so they say), grab a yogurt, sip some hot tea. A protien bar is also a good choice for me – leaves me feeling full longer and tastes yummy too!
  • *Get moving – The last thing you feel like doing is hopping on a treadmill during a blah day. But, after you get moving, aren’t ya’ always glad you did?? Exercise releases positive endorphins. Go for a quick walk. Do an exercise video. Do 20 jumping jacks. Anything!
  • *Get in the Word – Talk to the Father. He is there to carry you and me through the blahs. When I beg Him for a ‘Word’ – He is faithful to ‘bring it.’ Again, when we’re in the midst of BLAH, we may not feel like opening our Bibles, but He is right there waiting to speak the LIFE out of our BLAH (John 10:10).
  • *Take a break – My kiddos are old enough now that when Momma needs a break, she tells them and trust me, they WANT Momma to take a break! I know when they’re little, a break seems like a unrealistic fantasy, but even if you can sneak 15 minutes during the little one’s naptime. Let Barney or Yo Gabba Gabba babysit the older siblings and take a break. A few minutes of the electronic babysitter is not going to kill them, in fact, it may just save them from a BLAH Momma!! My fav – to take a bath. Do a paraffin dip. Read. Sit in silence. Pray. Take a breather.
  • *Get some rest – All day in the fetal position in bed is not rest – even if that’s what I feel like doing. I try to sneak a cat-nap if I can. If that’s not possible, I try to get to bed early and get the rest I need for the next day. Rest does amazing things to battle the blahs!

So, there’s a few of my BLAH-BUSTERS. I’d love to hear from you! What do you do to try to Beat the BLAHS??

PS – If your blahs are more than blahs, more than just a day here and there, possibly depression, please seek professional help. If you have strep throat you visit the Dr. and get an antibiotic. If you are struggling with depression, by all means, tell someone. Visit your family Dr. Tell a friend. Your pastor. Anyone. These blah-busters are just that, BLAH-busters. Sometimes a lil more is necessary when it’s more than the blahs.

See original post here: Blah Busters.


Any thoughts??

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