Today marks a day that America was redefined – The USA before 9/11 and the USA post 9/11. That day, thousands of individuals were redefined – carrying new identities.  Who was once a regular guy became a hero.  Who was once a stay at home wife/mom became a widow.  Who was once a successful businessperson became a caregiver.

Life often brings circumstances that redefine us.

Today also marks one month since we closed our church. A lot has been redefined for us, at least for now. Kevin went from pastor to… unemployed.  I went from pastor’s wife to – just Kendra.  Employment redefined. Ministry redefined. Friendships redefined. Life as we knew it – redefined.

Sometimes it just takes that one phone call.  That wrong turn.  That diagnosis.  That decision.

Or having a baby. Getting married.  Going to college.  Starting a new career.

All of these circumstances, life direction changes, redefine different roles we have, different titles we hold, different ways people see us.


If you or I are a child of God, a follower of Jesus, then we are not defined whatever life circumstances come our way.  We are defined by who we are in HIM, how HE sees us.  Here are some titles or labels we have in Him that are unchanging:

CHILD of God – John 1:12Rom 8:14-15

FRIEND of God/Jesus – John 15:15

NEW CREATION – 2 Cor. 5:17

CHOSEN – ROYAL – HOLY – HIS – 1 Pet 2:9

WORTHY – Rev. 3:4

So while we’re swirling around in the madness of new identities based on life circumstance changes, we can HOLD TIGHT to our identity that will never change – our identity in CHRIST.


Any thoughts??

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