I could MAKE him…

Post from 2011:

Oh – the joys of parenting… What Christian parent doesn’t want their kiddos to grow up, love Jesus, make good choices and serve Him with all of their hearts?  Of course we do.  So… we pray at home, take them to church, encourage them to spend time with God.  But, what if they don’t want to?  We could make them. Sure, I’ve got three kiddos that will do the right things sometimes or even serve in some capacity, but not necessarily because they want to do…

So what do we do in that case?  Our Joe-man taught us a little lesson on this last month.  The rest of us were going to serve dinner at the City Mission for a couple of hours.  No big deal.  But, Joey really didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay home and play video games.  So, we let him.  I figured if we MADE him go, he would be miserable and in turn make US miserable. Long term, he could end up resenting the ministry (that escalated quickly) if we made him go.  If he didn’t want to serve Jesus (in that moment), I wasn’t going to make him.

We got home a while later and Joey’s Bible was out on the couch.  He told us that after we left he realized that he was being selfish, so he decided to read his Bible for a little bit.  He also said that next month, when we go to the Mission, that he’d like to join us.  That is NOTHING Kevin or I could’ve done as parents.  That was God working in his heart.

Lesson learned – we can micro-manage our kiddos to get them do what we want them to, OR we can step back and let the Holy Spirit work in their life.  He does a much more effective job than anything I could manipulate.  There are times, of course, that not going with Mom and Dad is not an option, but – for the most part, I want them to be involved in ministry because they WANT to and/or are LEAD to, not because they HAVE to.

How do you balance that in your home?


Any thoughts??

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