Last Play of the Game

softballWe were going into extra innings at 0-0, International Tie-Breaker.   It was Eastern Nationals – excitement was in the air.  It was a Loser’s Bracket game, so at the end of the game, the loser… goes home.  In an international tie-breaker you start with a runner on 2nd.  We hit, out.  We hit, safe.  We hit, scored a run. (Details subject to a foggy memory.)   The crowd goes CRAZZZZZZZYYYYY!!!! But, we weren’t the home team.   They – the opposing team – still had an “at-bat”, with a runner on 2nd.   I don’t recall the details, but something about a hit…  A hit – a run scored to tie the game.

A hit, grounder to short-shop… and the ball goes between. her. legs.  And passed Center Fielder.  Another run scored.  Game over.  2-1 them.

Although Shortstop and Center Fielder each had an error, that is not what lost the game.  That did happen to be the last play of the game, but it is not what lost it.  There were other errors throughout the game.   Did I mention that our bats weren’t moving?  Again, I don’t recall details, but the bottom line is, we didn’t hit.   No hits = no runs.  No runs = game over.  There were seven innings of the game, not just the extra inning.   Season ended.

That is how it is with our church.  We are closing the doors at LifePoint.   Yes, there are one or two situations that were the last play of the game, but there were seven innings.  Five years.  Low finances.  Weak commitment.  Conflict. Brokeness. Did I mention low finances? Broken promises.  Lost focus. Team-switching. Coaching mistakes. Have there been some good plays?  Definitely!  Especially in the early innings.  Home run after home run, in fact.  But, we have been playing injured the past few innings.  And the injuries have taken their toll.  We went into international tie breaker 0-0, and couldn’t pull it through.

We had a good season – and we will hold on to the wins.  The unity.  The friendships.  The great work of the Lord.   We trust Him for each attendee from LifePoint.  He has a wonderful plan for your future and ours.  We may not be ok in this moment, but we will be ok – because He is good.


10 thoughts on “Last Play of the Game

  1. It’s all a win, girl! Your church has the word success written all over it…the lives you touched, the Gospel that was preached, the love you gave – ALL of it a win! Love you!


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