How Does Iron Man Relate to the Gospel You Preach?

We received an email a few weeks ago from a pastor out of town, helping a young couple from his church find a new church in Findlay – where they’re moving to in a few weeks.  He had visited our website and was able to get some of his questions answered, but had a few more – so he sent an email.  And he called us J.   Here are some of his questions:

“I know I am probably a little odd, but what do you believe about Christ?  God?  Man?  Salvation?  The Bible? “ –not odd at all!

“Do you have a statement of faith?  Is there an historical tradition that you find yourself part of?”  – yes, yes we do

Maybe I am not cultural enough, but how does Iron Man relate to the gospel you preach? “   – well, let me tell you *see below

Since the LP emails come to me, I forwarded it to PK (aka Kevin) and texted him that it was coming.  Shortly after we received the email, this pastor called the church and Kevin was there and able to answer his questions.  It definitely was a better verbal conversation to have than written.

After they talked for a few minutes, the pastor apologized to Kevin for the email feeling as if he had written it in a bad tone.  Kevin told him not to worry…  Then the other pastor said, “I sure wish our congregation had more of the younger crowd.” To which Kevin replied, “We all have our issues…”  The pastor answered him, “That is a very wise statement, young man.”  (Obviously he doesn’t know Kevin is FORTY!! Ha ha ha).

When Kevin was retelling me this conversation, I pondered that thought.  Lately, I have really been missing the fact that there are not the older in our church.  (Well, there are some of us that are older, but not older older…) I feel like we are missing out on such wisdom.  Yes – there’s benefits to reaching and growing with the ‘younger’ crowd, but there are drawbacks to it as well.  Just as there are drawbacks if the church is the opposite, still holding to the older (older-older) but not reaching the younger.

It reminded me of the song by Casting Crowns “City on a Hill”.  I previously blogged and cited this song, but today it’s for a completely different reason.   One line stands out…

“It was the fire of the young ones, it was the wisdom of the old…”

Ahhhhh, the perfect mix that makes a City on a Hill.   Maybe these next five years we’ll grow in the “older-older” age group.

PS – What does Iron Man have to do with the Gospel we preach?   It’s based on Proverbs 27:17 and was a message series about how “iron sharpens iron” and how to sharpen/encourage one another in our walks with The Lord.   Same message, different delivery.


Any thoughts??

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