When I Hated Amy Grant

Ok, maybe hated is too strong of a word.  But, several years back, when listening to one of her albums, a Christian friend/mentor let me know that I shouldn’t listen to her music anymore. Hadn’t I heard?!?  She was divorced!  She didn’t even know if she ever was even a Christian!  (Yes, you heard that right, said in a tight-lipped – hoity toity voice.) No, no I hadn’t heard.  And oh, you’re right!  If she’s turned her back on God and even got divorced, I not only will not listen to her music anymore… I will throw the CDs AWAY!  And just like that I wrote off Amy Grant.

I must’ve forgotten that it was HER TAPE that first drew me to God and planted beastly-sized seeds that one day were watered and I surrendered my life to Him.  That tape I received in error because I wrote the wrong number code on the tape-club order form. Remember those? That divine error played a HUGE role in opening my eyes that there was more to God and Jesus than Sunday mornings. That music enveloped my soul, spoke TRUTH and LIFE into my world, that as a teenager, was less than ideal.

But she was now a sinner!!   It didn’t even occur to me in my self-righteous stupor that I should/could pray for her.  It didn’t occur to me that I knew no details of her personal life of why her marriage ended up falling apart. It didn’t occur to me that God’s grace is big enough for her and that He never stopped loving her. That even though the Christian community was shunning her, we should’ve been loving her like Jesus did/does.

I’m so sorry, Amy. So sorry to you and the 100s, no 1000s, of others that we, the “Christian community”  just discard when they stumble. I’m sorry that we forget our own sinful nature, that we overlook our ‘acceptable’ imperfections, that we forget to extend the tender grace that we so unworthily received from Jesus at salvation and along the way when we stumble.

Heard this new song by Amy on the radio last week. Thanks, Amy for still speaking LIFE and TRUTH into my world. So needed to hear this.

God gives you grace

You can’t earn it

Stop thinking you’re not worth it

Because you are

He gave you His love and He’s not leaving

Gave you His Son so you’d believe it

You’re lovely even with your scars

Don’t try so hard

Forgive us, Lord, for judging when we should be praying – for hating when we should be loving.   Help us, Lord, to not just be grace getters – but to be grace givers.


4 thoughts on “When I Hated Amy Grant

  1. Great post! My seeds were also planted by Amy Grant’s “The Collection.” I used to that tape over and over. It meant a lot to me.


  2. Yes we are called to love. How often do we judge when we should be loving. How often do we condem people when there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus? We are all loved and we need to love more!


  3. And why do you not complain about the log in your eye, but are concerned with the sliver of wood in your neighbors eye?


  4. Just had a very similar conversation with my son who is weighing the pros and cons of re-entering the world of “Christian” music and how to guard against the harsh judgements of so called fans. Good word sis 😀

    Oh and that song has been a healing balm for me lately….God uses imperfect vessels to do His perfect will.


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