Restore OneWord 2012 Recap and 2013 OneWord

When asked on Facebook what is ONE special thing you remember from 2012, ONE thing didn’t pop into my head.  In fact, I had to make a list of “good things” that happened in 2012 hoping that ONE thing would pop out.   It didn’t.  Yet, I can say with confidence that my OneWord for 2012 has been fulfilled.  Restore.

Many good things did happen in 2012.  None of them really noteworthy in and of themselves.  I took a couple of cool trips (SLC for business and OKC for an awesome retreat).  Our (the family’s) health was good (especially compared to 2011).  Business grew.  Enjoyed a lot of time with family and with the kids’ activities.  Our garden did SO well.  The church survived a couple of bumps…

RESTORE.  That was the word I chose, or came to mind, for 2012.  After such a rough 2011 – the word restore was soothing, healing and full of hope.

So, here are some ways RESTORE came alive in 2012:

Hearts.    Vision.    Provision.    Joy.    Purpose.

In 2012, God restored.  I have only scratched the surface here, but suffice it to say, He is good. He restores.

Looking forward to 2013, I’ve been pondering what this year’s “WORD” may be… and here’s what I got: THRIVE.

It seems only fitting that after God has restored so much for us that we can transition nicely into this word – thrive.

Not gonna lie.  Every step since we’ve stepped, by faith, into this church planting journey (shoot… ministry period) has been a struggle.  Oh, God has definitely blessed – but nothing came easy.  Not that I’m expecting this year to be easy, but I feel like we’re beginning to see the fruits of perseverance and this year will be noted with the word, thrive.    I pray we’ll see this word come to fruition

in our marriage and family

in our church

in our finances

in our serving

in our giving

in our joy.

The LORD is good.

From Psalm 92 – a psalm of God’s Love and Faithfulness comes this verse:

The righteous thrive like a palm tree and grow like a cedar tree in Lebanon. Psa. 92:12 NLT



One thought on “Restore OneWord 2012 Recap and 2013 OneWord

  1. Great word! It’s lovely to read the progression you’ve been experiencing and then know you’re anticipating harvesting the fruit. Great example of faith.

    (visiting from the OneWord 365 site)


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