A Sweet Baby – thoughts after the tragedy in Newtown

A Sweet Baby

My heart continues to ache today as it did yesterday after hearing the horrific news out of Connecticut – 20 babies slaughtered and several adults.  I watched my Facebook and Twitter feeds explode with words of compassion, heartache, and grief.   Then, I’d see a random tweet regarding something insignificant and was honestly a little perturbed by that.  Even though, it is very likely that that some of those tweets were “scheduled tweets”, there were others – “Hey I’m eating McDonalds” or “The sky is blue” (not actual tweets, but you get the point) or some politically motivated tweets… and THAT’s a whole ‘nutha blog post…

As a frequent tweeter, I found my self holding back on even some of the tweets that could be related to the events of the day ~ “Blessed that I’m buying groceries for my family instead of waiting outside an elementary school to see if my child is alive, #sandyhook” ~ “Thankful to hug each of my kiddos this afternoon #newtown” ~

Then, last night I was babysitting a sweet baby for some friends.  Let me tell you, sweet cuddles and playtime with a cheerful 5-month-old is medicine for the soul.  I took about a bazillion pictures – she’s so stinkin’ photogenic and sweet and fun.  I was about to tweet a picture and then I thought that it would be insensitive to tweet playtime with a baby when so many are never going to see their’s alive again.

This morning I have a different perspective.

*I am going to share encouragement from the Word.

*I am going to share what my day consists of.

*I am going to share blessings in my life and things that brings me joy.

The Word Heals Several passages in the Bible talk about the HEALING the Word of God can do (Psalm 107:20).  God’s Word has met me where I was more times than I can count, encouraging me, giving me HOPE, giving me strength, directing my life…  I will continue to speak the Word personally and online as I know the POWER in it to HEAL.

Conquer Evil With Good This exact thought is from Romans 12:21.  We’re going to hear evil things, we’re going to experience the effects of evil.  What can we do about it?  Do good.  Today I’ll be at the Flag City Free Store at LifePoint helping those in need.  It is a blessing to serve, to help, to do “good.”  This morning is a step in conquering evil.  The Bible also tells us to PRAY for those that persecute (hurt, cause harm, destruct).  We can conquer evil with the good in praying for the evil…

Count Your Blessings So many posted about hugging your kiddos a little tighter and make every day count.  Today, I’ll probably post pictures/tweets etc of me and the fam making cookies.  Insignificant in the task, but significant in that we are together, making memories, spending time together, making the most of our time.  I think it will honor those lives lost to live intentionally with those we love.

So today, amidst the grief, I hope to see your encouraging posts/tweets from the Word, hearing good things that are happening and what blessings  you are experiencing.

To close, 2000+ years ago, a Sweet Baby came and brought encouragement, came to overcome evil and blessed (and still blesses) us.  There is HOPE in Him.

Finally, here are a couple of those pix from last night of that sweet baby I was watching.  What a blessing.

Avery reading the Christmas Story and Avery under the tree.  ImageImageImage


Any thoughts??

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