Road Trip Retreat 2012

Ladies, if you’re a woman in ministry or a pastor’s wife, mark your calendars for November 12-14, 2013 and plan on joining me at the Leading and Loving It Retreat in Nashville! Last week I went to the Road Trip Retreat in OKC and it was a blast!!! Lauren, our worship leader’s wife went also and we laughed, we cried…. It moved me, Bob! :). Seriously, it was awesome to meet in person some ladies I’ve grown to love as very dear friends (that I met via L&LI virtual community groups and other social media). By the way, virtual community groups (VCGs) are kicking off next week and you should really join one :)))

Some highlights:
*The marriage team’s song!
*Meeting other women who share the same “lives” as I do as a woman in ministry
*Lori’s fun leadership, Brandi’s insight, Tiffany’s sincerity, Lisa’s laughs and Jessica’s heart!
*Movie preview…
*Gifts, books, giveaways galore
*Time with my sweet friends
*and So. Much. More.

Here are some photos to see the fun we had. Now, make plans to join us in 2013!!!











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