It seems I use my iPad for just about everything… devotional, reading (Kindle app), games, social media, email, weather, calendar, Bible, note-taking during church (or meetings), music, reminders, travel, news, work, play. I can’t get it to cook or clean yet, but I’m consulting with Apple on that :).  Recently I discovered a new app, “PrayerNotes“.

When someone shares a prayer request and I say I’m going to pray about it, I almost always pray RIGHT THEN.  The problem is that I may forget to pray again for the request. I’m not happy that is the case, but it is the truth.  In the past, I have had prayers journals or written prayer requests in my notebook – but never quite got the knack of keeping up with requests that were answered and what to keep praying for.  Nothing quite fit into my Type A organizational box :).  Until now…

Here’s some things I already like about PrayerNotes:

  • I can organize my prayer requests by categories!  Oh, I love organizing and oh, I love categories!! (NERD, yup!)  Right now, I have the categories of General, Health, LifePoint, Provision.  We’re just getting started ya’ll :).
  • Then, under the category, I can put the Title (which shows up in the list) and there’s a place for more details if I want to put those in which I can see when you expand the request.
  • Next to the request there’s a CHECKMARK.  When God answers the prayer, I click the checkmark and the request goes into the ANSWERS section.  How awesome is it going to be to review the answers section and see all God has done?!?

One benefit already is it is helping me to be more specific in my prayers. Instead of praying “Lord, bless my church (or family or all the missionaries in Africa)” I can pray for specific requests.  Yes, there will be some generalities in prayer or ongoing prayers (help me to grow in You, give me/____ the strength to withstand temptation) but I want to checkmark when He answers!! I’m going to make a category for Salvations and each person I’m praying for is going to get a checkmark when they get saved!  When I pray for God to provide for a specific need and He meets that need, it’s going to get checkmarked.  When God performs a miracle of healing, CHECKMARK!

Lord, thank You for this tool to be able to bring requests before Your precious throne and for Your faithfulness in hearing and answering us.  I love You!


Any thoughts??

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