Gently Redirect

The cucumbers are going crazy.  They’re growing WILD and getting all up in other plants’ space. They’re out of control. They have their own space but are moving in on the tomatoes, jalapeños and green pepper’s space. If something doesn’t change it will affect the health of those other plants as well.  So today, I gently redirected the cucs back to their spot.  I had to carefully twist them away from the plants they were entwined with. If I would’ve done it brash or quickly, they would’ve broken, so I had to be really careful. Now, they’re back to the cucumber area where they can grow and flourish and make MANY more cucumbers!  YUM!

As I was gently moving the cucumbers, it made me think of when we (believers) need to (are called to) redirect or restore another believer that is entwined in sin.  Galatians 6:1 tells us to, “restore such a person with a gentle spirit.” Our feelings or frustrations may want to  jump in there with hedge clippers and take care of business once and for all, but what would that accomplish?  Or, we may want to avoid the uncomfortableness of it. However, God calls us to, when necessary, restore or gently redirect someone in our lives; a child, a spouse, a friend, a fellow church member…  Just remember to do it in love, “gently and humbly” as the NLT says. The result will be an abundance of “fruit.”


Any thoughts??

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