If It’s Good Enough For Olympic Athletes…

… it’s good enough for ME!  One thing I never got around to sharing throughout this running journey is in addition to the fabulous, supportive running mates I had/have, the fabulous products I was/am using.  There are two Olympic athletes (Nick Symmonds, and Bernard Lagat) that use these same products and if they’re good enough for them… they’re good enough for ME! 🙂

ACCESS BARSI can sum them up with one word… YUM! But seriously, in addition to
their yumminess they serve a purpose – *clinically proven to increase fat-loss during
exercise *improves muscle tone *reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.  Eat one of these 15 minutes before you exercise (run, Zumba, swim, walk, CrossFit…) for maximum results.  Access “turns fat into fuel.”  They come in three delicious flavors and I love all of them!! If you’re going to work out, may as well make it as effective as possible, eh?

Next up: SUSTAIN!  This drink competes with Gatorade and Powerade with 1/3 less sugar and still taste GREAT!  Rehydrate after a workout and replace those electrolytes that you lost!  Sustain “rehydrates your cells”, “maximizes muscle performance”, “converts carbs into energy”, and “minimizes muscle tissue breakdown.”  They come in drink packets that you can conveniently add to water bottles.  I always end my workout with some Sustain.  I’ll also drink some Sustain if I have an afternoon slump and need a pick-me-up.  They’re GREAT!  

Finally, I can’t end a post about my favorite workout products without talking about REPLENEXI mentioned some of the pain I have been having here and here and it didn’t occur to me that Replenex may actually help my tight calves and shin pain.  Kevin has been taking Replenex for his knees, but sure enough it DID HELP!  Replenex is for joint discomfort and healthy cartilage. In addition to Glucosamine and Chondroitin that many joint supplements have, it has MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to build connective tissue and keep joints strong. It comes in pill form, or delicious pink lemonade drink packets.

Interested in these amazing products?  Shoot me an email (kgrub94[at]gmail[dot]com) and I’d will be happy to tell you how you can get them for yourself!


Any thoughts??

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