Why I Won’t Be Eating At Chick-Fil-A Anytime Soon…

Why I won’t be eating at Chick-Fil-A anytime soon…. ‘CAUSE WE DON’T HAVE ONE IN FINDLAY!!! And we don’t have Starbucks, Zaxby’s (yum!) or, hold on to your seats for this one… TARGET!!! Yes, feel sorry for us! It’s like a 3rd world country here!! (Totally kidding about the 3rd world country thing.) 🙂

But on a more serious note… I don’t know about you, but I don’t know the religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual orientation, race, age, sex or opinions of any of the above listed categories of CEOs and owners of the majority of the places I give my business to. If I only ate or shopped at places that I agree 100% with in every aspect professionally, spiritually and personally then I would have to be 100% self sufficient. Now, if I hear credible information that people are mistreated (ie. slave labor, discrimination etc) I will consider not shopping or eating there. For example, if Dan Cathy refused to serve same-sex couples, Mexicans or people who wear red shirts I would definitely not go there.

That’s all I have to say about that. Oh, and this week I will be in the land of Starbucks, Zaxby’s, Chick-Fil-A and yes, even Target and hope to visit each of them :).


3 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Eating At Chick-Fil-A Anytime Soon…

  1. LOVE this. I am in complete agreement. Oh, and we don’t have a McDonald’s or Subway in our town. We have one blinking stop light. The nearest movie theater and store where you can buy clothes or shoes is an hour away. So is the nearest Walmart. It’s a two hour drive to a Target. I feel your pain. 😉


  2. I love this! And I agree. I avoid companies that use slave labor or openly discriminate, but this Chik fil a business is crazy, on both sides!
    And I do feel sad for you, we’re spoiled with all those companies less than two miles away from our apartment….. But so excited youre coming our way this weekend! Can’t wait to see y’all!


  3. Amen. I don’t patronize those same businesses for the same reason … we don’t have them here. But when I am where they are, I do go there. I am astounded that more people aren’t screaming “He said he doesn’t support gay marriage, NOT I hate gays.” There IS a big difference. Since when does a business owner’s/leader’s view of marriage matter when deciding where to eat or shop?!?


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