The Happiest 5K on the Planet

We did it!!  Hurray! We chose well for the first 5K of my adult life and for my little “before I turn 40 goal :)”.  The ColorRun is, in fact, the happiest 5K on the planet!  Even waiting in slow/stalled traffic on the exit ramp into downtown Columbus, there was camaraderie with other ColorRun runners.  It was an atmosphere of FUN, light-hearted, good times!!  There were guys with colored underwear on the outside of their white tights, tutus.. many tutus, bandanas, crazy sunglasses and more.

We lined up and they sent 1000 runners every 5 minutes.  We started around 9:40 (I think).  And their off!!  I did run into the calf pain/cramps the first leg and stopped to stretch on a curb for a sec.  Other than that we walked (well, I walked, my buddies all waited :)) one or two more times.  And for a couple of the colors there was a bit of a bottle neck so that was a little break too.  There were many, many walkers… so my slow jogging pace still didn’t put me at the end (even though it wasn’t timed and wasn’t a “race” I still didn’t want to be last people!!).  We are all happy with the fact that we ran most of the 5K.  Hurray!!

I thought the colors were going to be every KM, but they were staggered.  First we hit BLUE and the fun ColorRun volunteers used water bottle looking contraptions to shower us with a blue, powdery dust.  Next was yellow and boy did I enjoy running with blue and yellow dust through the streets of Columbus ( GO BLUE! ).

There was a long stretch of running without any color stops for the last mile or so.  I’ll be honest, that was not my favorite part.  Colors – fun.  Running – not-so-much.  I did have moments throughout this training that I did enjoy the runs, but those were the exception.  Ha ha.

What a relief when the FINISH LINE was in sight. Then, there’s the finish line PARTY (see video below). Dancing, cheering, and a color explosion.  We were all given color packets to throw into the air for this celebration and actually got more colorful in those 10 minutes than the entire ColorRun.  It was awesome!!  Such a GREAT time with a friend, the hubs and my girls!!

So, I’ve been asked… “Will you keep running?  Are you going to do another 5K?”  That’s a whole ‘nutha blog post ya’ll.  I’ll answer that soon :).


2 thoughts on “The Happiest 5K on the Planet

  1. Was the color run in several places? My cousin and her husband also did one. Might have been the same location! It looked like a blast!


  2. Awesome! I just went to the website! They have one coming up in Charlotte, but it is booked! I signed up for emails in case it opens more slots! It looks like the only 5K I would want to run in my life!


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