Repeat Until Complete

Have you ever been camping and had to go to the bathroom at night?  Or, have you ever had to walk around your house at night during a power outage?  (I’m sure my friends in Findlay can relate to this now.) Hopefully you had a flashlight – and if you did, you know that the flashlight will illuminate your path, but just those few steps right in front of you. That’s exactly what God does when you trust in Him and His Word.  He’s not going to shine a spotlight on the big picture, but He lights up just enough for those steps right in front of you.  God wants us to trust Him with the big picture and focus on those steps right in front of us.  Just like when the Israelites were in the wilderness, He gave them just enough manna for that day.  He tells us not to worry about tomorrow (Matt. 6:34) and just focus on today – the path right in front of you that He’s graciously lit up for each of us when we trust Him.

The end.  But actually, this is my running post for the week… so not the end.  See, I was reminded of these verses when running last night.  We are doing three mile workouts now, and working on running more and more of the three miles each time so we’re ready for the ColorRun on the 21st.  It was hot and grueling, muscles (calves/shins/feet) aching and three miles is a long distance (for me).  What I did yesterday to get through was look up briefly for the next landmark (telephone pole, sign, parking lot, tree) but then just focused on those few steps in front of me.  I stayed focused on one foot in front of the other ’til I hit that landmark.  Then I looked up to another landmark and focused on the path right in front of me again.  Repeat until complete.

Life can be uncertain at times – but we don’t have to worry about the big picture.  God’s got that.  Walk in His light on the path in front of you, trust Him for this moment and “tomorrow will worry about itself”.  Repeat until complete.


4 thoughts on “Repeat Until Complete

  1. Reblogged this on A Grace-Filled Courage and commented:
    Kendra Grubinski, over at “The Grub Hub” blog, shines light on trusting God with the big picture. As I step out in faith on my journey to She Speaks 2012, having no idea where God is going with this from there, I will trust that He is equipping me for the work He has planned for me. As Kendra advises, I will walk in His light on the path right in front of me. When I get to the end of section, He’ll shine His light on the next part. I’m trusting that He will.


  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Kendra! I am reblogging your words over at A Grace-Filled Courage ( It’s easier to be brave when you’re only focused on a small part of the journey rather than trying to figure it all out from the start.


  3. If we saw the big picture, instead of the section illuminated by the flashlight, we might turn around and go back. There’s a reason God allows us a limited view: so we will rely on Him. Great thoughts!


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