Typing from the convenience of my iPhone since our Internet is still out. Did you hear about the little storm that went through Ohio, Indiana through Virginia and other areas? It was a doozy! We had plans Friday to visit family Friday an hour north in Toledo and while we were gone a severe storm swept through Findlay, Hancock County and many, many, many other places :(. We were told we didn’t have power so we stuck with our plans to stay in Toledo overnight but woke up to texts that is was raining and we needed to come home and check our sump pump…

It looked like a war zone. Traffic lights knocked over, telephone poles split in half like toothpicks or completely knocked over, siding off, roofs strewn, windows broken, fences and play sets destroyed and trees – everywhere there was trees there were tree limbs, trees lumberjacked in half and trees completely uprooted (one we saw had a 14′ root base). And no power. 1 million households across the US were without power. As of last night, the estimated date that we’d have power was July 7th, 9 days after the storm hit. We slept intermittently to the rumbling of neighborhood generators and sticky air.

So, did a tornado pass through? Nope. There were no tornados in our area. It was something called a “derecho”. According to Wikipedia, “A derecho (Spanish: derecho “straight”) is a widespread and long-lived, violent convectively induced straight-line windstorm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms in the form of a squall line usually taking the form of a bow echo.” I told Kevin I think this was worse than a tornado because a tornado will destroy a path, but these “derechos” create widespread damage. Sustained 85 mile an hour winds can do some crazy things.

So, being without power has been a little inconvenient, and it would be easy to focus on the many inconveniences associated with it… But look at the bright side:
– we are all safe and there were no serious injuries in the area
– we could still take a shower
– we could get creative making things work
– we were able to save our food 🙂
– we met some neighbors we haven’t yet met
– we have VERY generous friends and family and had numerous offers to stay with people etc
– we watched work crews working tirelessly around our area
– we could stay connected/updated via Facebook/twitter on our phones (charging in our cars)

We were surprised and blessed to get our power back today and now we too can offer people a cool/safe place to hang out or stay. So, while this was mildly inconvenient – it wasn’t the end of the world. God is good and will continue to restore what’s been torn down. We are so blessed.


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