Obamacare Say Wha??

Okkkkkkkkkk, so when Obama was first elected, one thing I was actually excited for was health care reform. For most of our married years (since starting in ministry at least, ahem) we have not had health insurance or have had really crappy insurance (very expensive with massively high deductibles etc). Then, even when you have health insurance, only some things are covered and there’s this loophole or that catch. The best health insurance we had was when I was teaching in a public school. You may not make a lot of money in teaching, but at least the benefits are good (at least 13 years ago they were). When we lived in the Dominican Republic and needed health services I realized how much the United States up-charges their services. For example, a ultrasound in the DR was about $30 compared to $200-300 here. Bloodwork was about $15 which would’ve been $100 here. I started to like socialized healthcare!

Admittedly I’m only mildly informed as to what just happened today. What I thought would benefit a family like ours (currently uninsured) by providing healthcare insurance/benefits now sounds like I’m going to get penalized for it. We are considered self-employed and cannot afford insurance presently, so I’m going to get charged for that? Am I understanding this right? So, this is NOT going to help a family like us get good healthcare despite our lack of insurance?

So, if you are one of the “informed”, can you please answer my questions above and explain to me (and anyone reading this) in layman’s terms what was just approved today?

Rules: no going postal-political or being a hater. Just straight up facts/discussion, please :).


Any thoughts??

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