Making Disciples

We’ve been blessed with many opportunities to pour into people over the past 11 years, but God has lent us three children that have come with a special calling.  A call to make disciples in your own home. Like many Christian families, we’ve done some things well and we’ve not done some things well. We’ve had periods of great consistency in regards to family devotions and discipleship and we’ve had times where we’ve slacked off for one reason or another.  We can’t change yesterday, but we can answer the call today.

Nothing is more important than loving on your children and leading them to Jesus, for a lifetime.  Now, there’s no guarantee they’re going to live for Jesus into their adult life, as they have free will and ultimately it’s their choice… daily.  But, we can trust that if we do our part ~ God will take care of the rest. (Prov. 22:6).

In our home discipleship has taken many forms; from spur of the moment discussions to discipline with explanations, Bible time, teachable moments, quality time, prayer, repentance and forgiveness (a lot of forgiveness), fun times/games, serving together, sitting around a fire and other things.

Here are some things we are doing this summer.  I share this with you to hopefully give you some ideas of some things you can do with your kiddos and I welcome ideas and what you’re doing in the comment section :).

Bible Time: We’re reading through the book of John, a section at a time. My goal for this is for them to be able to read/study the bible on their own, without having a study book or devotional. We are each writing in our journal/notebooks what God is showing us in each passage and how it applies to our lives (good ol WoL method :)). Some days we read it and discuss it together and other times we read it on our own, write our thoughts down and then come together to share what God is teaching us.  It’s amazing how God uses His word to speak something different to each of us.

Serving: We have already been serving dinner once a month at the City Mission, but now we are all pitching in on the Food Bank/Free Store that LifePoint is preparing to open (partnering with the City Mission). Food has been steadily coming and the Grubbies have been happy to help stock shelves. I’ve always appreciated (and have been thankful to God for) the willingness of my kiddos to help out, from passing out tracts in the DR to painting a building while church planting.  We’re planning a trip next month to help out with Neighborlink in Indiana and I pray we’ll be able to do a mission trip as a family in the next year.

Reading: The girls and I are reading “Kisses from Katie” this summer. This kills two birds with one stone in that it keeps them reading throughout the summer and this is an amazing story of surrender and following God wholeheartedly. Now, if someone would just catch up so we can have our coffee date to talk about the chapters we’ve read, AHEM! 🙂

Prayer: Several people very close to us have faced very intense situations in the past couple of weeks. This has given us the opportunity to come together and really pray for these people/situations and watch how God is working in them/through them. It also opens the door to share things on our minds and pray together about stuff we’re each facing. Nothing is too big or too small for our God.
Physical: As you know, we’re running The ColorRun (5K) in July – so we have been training together for that.

In a nutshell, that’s what’s happening on the Grubbie front. What kinds of things are YOU doing to make disciples in your home?


Any thoughts??

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