Just Do It, Even If You Suck


Four weeks from today I hope to be blogging that we have completed the Color Run and it was incredibly fun! But, I have to be honest…I’m getting a little nervous. And doubtful. Yes, we’ve completed week 6 and there’s only two more weeks of the C25K, and four weeks to the Color Run. That sounds like no problem, right? Well, at this point of C25K it has us running 20-22 minutes (or 2-2 1/4 miles) but I am no where near running a 10 minute mile. I was ecstatic to run a mile without stopping last week, but technically I’m supposed to be able to run two miles at this point… And in 20ish minutes!! Truth is, I kinda suck at running. I really do! So what now? Quit? That really isn’t an option because a) were too close to this goal to quit now and b) my running buddies would never me quit now. So, I guess I’ll just do it, even if I suck. Thankfully the Color Run isn’t timed :).


3 thoughts on “Just Do It, Even If You Suck

  1. You are correct in thinking your team mates would never let you quit 🙂 and the goal does seem a bit out of our reach….but….we are not there yet. This experance parallels many spiritual truths for me such as: together we spur one another on towards the goal (righteousness/ color run), what seems impossible…is possible with God, no discipline is pleasant for the moment….keep pressing towards the goal, keeping your eyes on the finish line; the goal to be stronger and run your best (hopefully the whole 5K) the finish line is a stronger family unit and cemented spiritual truths we all can build on. Thanks for asking me along on this difficult yet increadible journey. 🙂 God hasn’t brought us this far to leave us and we haven’t come this far just to turn back now. Let’s do this!


  2. Oh Kendra, I’m only to the point of occasionally jogging from one telephone pole to the next, but mostly walking my mile. My lungs burn … will they ALWAYS burn?!? I want to be able to run without feeling my lungs burning … and that’s just from JOGGING, and not very far! Really? I must suck at this. You’re farther along than I am, but I’ll happily suck with you.


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