Workin’ Mama!

Mom, I’m so glad you’re going to be home with us this summer!”  Wow. I cannot tell you how much that blessed me when one of my children told me that.  Ever since they’ve been born, I’ve been mostly a “stay-at-home-mom” but always have been “slightly workin'” as well.  When the kiddos were little, I worked with a company doing in-home parties etc.  I’ve done some online stuff, and even had a part-time job the past four years.  While that job offered a great deal of flexibility, it still wasn’t the same as working, at-home, for yourself.  I LOVE what I am doing now. I schedule all of my appointments around my hubby, kiddos and the ministry. My company is adamant about keeping “first things first” in your life.  While, for me that may mean that I build my business a little slower than some, I am still making a GREAT income with the little hours that I put in each week.  And I don’t miss ball practices, games, events, family time etc.  On top of that, I’m outta the RAT RACE. I don’t feel run down, because I’m not.  Sure, I have appointments throughout the week, but my schedule is what I make it. And at the Grubbie Home, first things are back to being first.

Have you ever considered working from home?

Would you like to add to your family’s income, or even replace income from a “job”?

Are you hungry for FINANCIAL freedom?

I’d love to share with you how you can work with us!  We are looking to expand. You can work as much or little as you’d like :).  (Not limited to the Findlay area!) Email me if you’d like some more information. (kgrub94[at]gmail[dot]com).


Any thoughts??

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