I hate this!!

So I told you it would be challenging to get the workouts in while traveling… We left the hotel at 7am and were back at 11 (on an early night).  This sista’ needed some sleep.  But, on Sunday morning, we didn’t need to leave for the airport until 10ish, so I knew I didn’t have an excuse and could get a workout in before our travel day.  My friend Lola went down to the hotel’s fitness center with me and walked on the treadmill next to me.  I was secretly thankful that she’s a nurse!!  If I keeled over, she’d be able to take care of me.  During the 2nd 3 minute run, my cheeks were SCARLET and my breathing was surely LOUD.  (I couldn’t hear it because I really turn my music up on the longer run sets).  She looks at me, “Are you ok?”  My reply, “Oh yeah. I just HATE this!!”  🙂  I’m still not loving running, but I am thankful for the challenge, for the encouragement of those running with me, AND for the fact that we finished WEEK THREE tonight!  WOOT WOOT!  On to week FOUR.  It has 2-3 FIVE minute runs.  I’m ready to quit already, but quit we won’t.  One day I’m going to be pleasantly surprised that I don’t hate it anymore – but I’m not there yet!!


Any thoughts??

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