Well, week one is complete.  I’m thankful that I have running companions in my friend, Kim, and my girlies, Julia & Emma.  The hubs, Kevin, even joined us for Day 3.  I am the slowest of the group and typically lagging behind… but that’s just keeping true to my Cross Country days.  Someone has to come in last :).

Thankfully I had no pain/discomfort after any of our runs, but I will tell you DURING… my calves were BURNing!  During the cool down I couldn’t wait to stretch them. OUCH!  Day 3 wasn’t as bad.  Am I getting stronger?

I created a playlist to listen to while running.  I can’t believe what a difference it makes to run to music, especially praise music.  I have several songs from the Passion White Flag album, Matt Redman, and even Lecrae, “Go hard or go HOME!”.  At one point, the music is blaring:

Oh, I’m running to Your arms

I’m running to Your arms…

During that I just look up at the sky and run to Jesus.  It almost feels like I may just end up running right to Him… the light, it’s getting brighter.  I think I’m DYING!  Well, maybe this race is preparing me for the day I do run into His arms.

But, I’m not dead yet so we’ll tackle week 2 this week.

74 days til the Color Run!

What’s on your running/exercise playlist?


Any thoughts??

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