But, I Like The Couch!!!

Whose idea was this anyway??? I made a declaration early this year that sometime in 2012 I will run a 5K.  Yeah… about that.  Now, coming off of major surgery in December, I’m officially in the worst shape in all of my 39 years of existence.  Sure, I’ve been walking and even dabbling in a Jillian video or so, but this is definitely starting from scratch, friends.

Some friends recently told me about The Color Run. When I saw how FUN this looked, I thought – this is the 5K for me!  I am signed up for July 21st in Columbus.  No turning back.  I’m running with my friend, Kim and possibly a few more Grubbies… Plus, we have other friends running so it’s sure to be a blast!!

We have to train. I have started the Couch To 5K training program a couple of times in the past, but never got past week 3. This time I have no choice. I’m signed up, remember?  BUT, I LIKE THE COUCH!!

I downloaded the cool app on my iPhone and the friendly voice tells us when to start running and after what seems like an eternity, he says, “Ok – slow down to a walk now”. Thank You, Jesus!  Oh, “Time to run!” Snap!

Yesterday we did Day One of Week One.  I decided that I’m going to blog this lil’ running journey.  #1 for accountability – I need someone to breathe down my neck if I never blog about week 4 since I’ve never gotten past week 3 in the past 🙂  #2 my mind is already swirling with other life/spiritual applications stemmed from training, endurance, setting a goal etc.

Anyone want join us???


2 thoughts on “But, I Like The Couch!!!

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