Dog Talk

Dog lover.  If you are one, you’ll totally get this post. If not, you’ll think I’m nuts… if you don’t already ;).

What do you call your dogs?  We have two doggies in our fam.  Nala, a 6 year old Golden Retriever (my BABY) and Scooter, a 4 year old Teacup Yorkie (AKA, the bad one).  Although they have relatively cute doggie names, I rarely call them Nala or Scooter.  For a glimpse into my dog-lovers heart, I share the reDUNK-u-lous sounds/names that I call my doggies.

Nala: Nala-Katala.  The Most-Beautifulest One. The Mostest. Nala-Katala-Chi-Chi-Wah-Wah. Oooz. Mama-zona. Mama-zona-from-Arizona.

Scooter: Scootie-badootie. Scoot-the-poop. Wuzza-wuzza. Zaaz. Zoooh. Zaaz-zoo. Zho-Zho. Zhu-Zhu. BAD DOG.

What re-DUNK-u-lous stuff do you say to your doggies (pets)???


2 thoughts on “Dog Talk

  1. The last dog we had was a golden retriever named Shadow. I would greet her with a song, “Shadow dog, Shadow dog, there just no dog like Shadow dog”, sung to the tune of Spider man. I know it’s dumb, but we both enjoyed it 🙂


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