Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring. My favorite season. It’s a time of rebirth, growth, newness, life. The birds chirp, the trees bud and up here in the north, we come out of hibernation. What? We still have neighbors??

This spring has been like no other that I remember in my lifetime. The last day of winter was 83 degrees and the first day of spring was 85!!! Don’t get me wrong, summer is a close 2nd as far as favorite seasons go, so I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the unseasonably summer-like weather.

Normally in March we are still sloshing around in new or leftover snow. We may get teased with a “warm day” of like 60*. But, for the most part, we’re still hunkered down, avoiding the cold at any cost. Bundled from head to toe in winter attire, wishing we could head south for spring break.

Ahhhhhhh, but this spring we busted out shorts, t-shirts and even flip flops! I had several requests for us to put up our little pool. In fact, one family member in Toledo DID open their in-ground pool… In March. In Ohio. We ate meals on our back deck and played basketball in the driveway until it was too dark. We did NOT turn our air conditioner on, but the next door neighbor did :). We’ve taken walk in the parks and made trips to the local ice-cream establishments. I even cut.the.grass. We didn’t have to travel 1000s of miles south for spring break. Spring Break came to us.

Oh. And did I mention I got a little sunburn on my nose? In March? In Ohio??

How about you? How’s the weather where you are? What’s your favorite season?



Any thoughts??

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