Twitter Ate My Blog

I miss blogging.  It’s a realization I’ve been thinking about recently.  What are the reasons people quit/slow down blogging:

  • life – yes, life gets busy
  • busy – yup, still busy
  • twitter – a venue to still be a voice in the airways, but with 140 characters, you don’t need a lot of time to do a quick shout out

So yeah, Twitter ate my blog.  I tweet quirky things. I tweet spiritual things. I tweet about my kiddos, job, doggies, garden, dinner, church, hubby and randomness.  I @reply people. People @reply me.  We interact.  And, my Twitter feeds to FaceBook, so we chat/interact there, too. That’s probably one reason I tweet more than blog, the interaction. I’m not the only one who’s slowed down on blogging… so blogging interaction overall has slowed down.

I can tweet when waiting in the car picking up a kiddo.  I can tweet while riding in the car (as a passenger :)).  I can tweet the food I’m eating (better in an Instagram) or the verse I’m reading (via YouVersion). I can retweet some really smart/inspirational people and I can retweet news headlines.  But…

… I still miss blogging. It was always an outlet for me.  A processing place.  And I miss my blogging friends (although most of which I’m connected to on Twitter :)).  So, I’m thinking I’m going to pick it back up again.  No promises on regularity/consistency.  Member that little thing called life?

How about you, are you still blogging? Do you tweet?


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