Win or Lose

Kevin came home this morning after dropping the girls off at school to tell me about how John Parr rewrote “St. Elmo’s Fire” using the name “Tim Tebow’s Fire”.  So I looked it up on YouTube – cool song.  But, since I was on YouTube, with a search of Tim Tebow, I came across another video, of Tim mic’d while playing against the Chicago Bears. That was really fun to watch him interact with fans, players and even opponents.  One statement he made near the end of the video touched me:

“Win or lose, Lord, give me the strength to honor You.”

Win or Lose I would guess most of us don’t have a hard time praising God when we win, when things are going well, when we’re on the mountaintop. But what about when we lose? That’s not so easy.  In fact, Tim makes that point in his prayer that he needs the Lord to “give me strength” either way. James 1 and Romans 5 encourage us to do just that – count it joy/rejoice when things aren’t going our way.  That’s a tough order, but it’s definitely one that will honor God.

Lord, Give me the Strength Tim Tebow is not awesome.  The Lord IN Tim Tebow is awesome. He realizes it’s the LORD who gives him strength.  No one’s good on their own (Rom. 3:23), anything good in us is from Christ (James 1:17) and through CHRIST can we do anything (Phil. 4:13). He is our strength.

To Honor You 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Beyond the hype, beyond the fans, beyond the critics is a young man whose desire is to honor God.  His statement in this video has challenged me to honor God – in the good & in the bad – in His strength.

Thanks for the message this morning, Tim.  Praying for you, brother.


Any thoughts??

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