Get Into The Word (a how-to post)

In this day and age, you don’t even need a Bible (with a binding and pages) to be able to spend time in the Word. Now, I don’t totally recommend that because, for me, I still love the rustling of the pages and marking up my Bible. However, many just use the Bibles that at at our disposal online or via the use of a “smart” device. Personally, I do a little of both, but wanted to share some online choices and apps at our disposal:

ONLINE: There are several sites that you can read the Bible from.
BIBLE GATEWAY – I love the search features of Bible Gateway. You can also quickly look up by passage and by keywords. Bible Gateway also often provides the sub-notes that are available in your hard copy Bible. Bible Gateway also has added devotionals and Bible Reading Plans, but for those I actually like

ONLINE & APPS YouVersion better. YouVersion is my fav :). It is available online and also as an APP on your smartphone or other portable device. YouVersion offers several reading plans and devotionals. You can pick one for the whole year, or a topical devotion for 4-7 days. It’s easy to follow and they even send you milestone emails for encouragement. Think it’s too late to start a one-year reading or one year devotional? Nope. 2012 has 366 days so starting on January 2nd still allows you to finish up by December 31st. What better time to get started???

APPS In addition to YouVersion’s app (search “Bible” in your app store and it should be the top finding- it’s run by so that should confirm when you find it). What has quickly become a favorite way to start my day has been with Sarah Young and her book, “Jesus Calling”. Now this app is NOT free, but it is worth.every.penny. Also, we paid for it once and are able to put it on all of our devices. Everyone @CasaGrub reads Jesus Calling. Sarah writes as if Jesus is speaking in 1st person, and every day has touched my heart at the perfect time.

So,what am I doing for 2012? I’m going to continue my mornings with Jesus Calling, and for my afternoon/evening reading I chose the “Everywhere I Go” year long devotional/reading plan via YouVersion. I’ll also do my regular Bible Time/Study in the morning as Jesus Calling goes pretty quickly. Don’t freak out if you only pick one to do, I just have a voracious appetite for the Word. Do what works for you and God.

For those of you already doing a reading plan/devotional, what are YOU doing?


One thought on “Get Into The Word (a how-to post)

  1. This year I am read “Every Day with Andrew Murry a guide to Scriptural Prayer” as well as reading/ praying through Galatians and Ephesians. Beyond that open to where ever the Spirit leads. I love a new year with new goals and fresh purpose.


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