Well, Hello There!

I can’t believe my last post was the HEARTBEAT Bill post!  Ay Ay Ay!!!  Well, if we’re friends on FaceBook, or follow each other on Twitter – I pretty much keep those updated.  (If we’re not friends of FB or Twitter pals, feel free to “friend”/follow me as as long as you’re not a creeper, I’ll “friend”/follow you back!!)

Soooooo, here’s a lil’ update on the past month or so:

Sept. 25th I ventured out with Valerie to drive 24 hours to Albuquerque, NM ~ her new ‘home.’  Let me tell ya’, me n God had a few chats about this one!!!  We had only met Val and Jesse last year around Christmas – but totally fell in love with them.  I was NOT happy with His plan of moving them away… *sad face*. But, His ways are NOT my ways… so instead of sulking in my self-pity, I helped her with the long drive (since Jesse had already been out there since August).  Plus, my aunt lives in ABQ, so it was a perfect fit – help with driving, visit my aunt, spend time in ABQ, FLY home :).   OH!  And did I get to mention, that my sweet Leading and Loving It friend, Steph, let us crash at her house at the 1/2 way point… near Tulsa, OK!  What fun it was to to hang out, talk ministry, laugh, meet her family that  I read about on her blog!  That part of the visit was TOO SHORT, but such a blessing!!

Anyhoo, I got back from that trip on Wednesday evening… and that weekend we had our 20th reunion… Whitmer Class of 1991… HOW DID WE GET SO OLD!?!  It was a blast seeing ‘old’ friends at the football game, Friday and at the reunion, Saturday.  T-W-E-N-T-Y years ago I graduated from high school.  CRAZINESS!

After the reunion weekend, I left Monday morning for 6th Grade camp at YMCA Storer Camps in Jackson,MI to be a cabin leader of 8 eleven-year-old girlies, including my Emma!  WHAT A HOOT!  We had the best time canoeing, horseback riding, rock wall climbing, snake petting, GPS adventuring, square-dancing and So.Much.More.  Funny thing is, I went to Camp Storer when I was in 6th grade (a few years ago…). It was such a blessing to get to go.

A few bullet points that may get their own blog posts in the near future, if I don’t wait SIX weeks to blog again:

  • I’m co-hosting a Leading and Loving It LOCAL Event tomorrow night for Pastor’s Wives & Women in Ministry.  It’s a Mix-n-Mingle Mocktail Party!!  Can’t wait!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • God has lead us to a fabulous company, Melaleuca.  We have loved the products for years and recently became “preferred customers”.   We are able to use and share about products that are amazing, safe for your home and family and get what we need delivered right to our door! Yippeeeee!!! We also have referred a few friends/family and are starting to build quite the business.  God’s timing is perfect.
  • Joey has to have another foot surgery.  We were discouraged at first as this news caught us off guard.  But, we are all thankful that he is able to get these corrections done and that we don’t have to deal with anything more serious.  We had just gone to the Matthew West concert a week ago, and Joey said to us at lunch after his Dr, appt, “Well, at least I’m not the little boy Matthew West wrote a Christmas Song about.”  True that, buddy!  However, Matthew West’s song about “Survivors” pretty much sums up our little man!
  • We’re going to Connecticut for Thanksgiving!! YIPPEEEE!!!  So excited to spend time with my BFF from high school and spend Thanksgiving with her family.  We’ll miss our family’s dinner, but looking forward to this adventure.  We hope to hit NYC during our visit too, which I’ve NEVER been!

Ok – that’s all (well, not really, but those are the highlights!)



2 thoughts on “Well, Hello There!

  1. Hey lady! Praying your event went great! I am so jealous that you got to meet Steph in person! I went that YMCA camp in MI, too! Ha! Small world! Love all the pics! Hope to meet you some time when we come back to OH!


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