Where you were…

I was surprised at how well the morning was going.  It was a beautiful day, not a horrible day of morning sickness (THANK GOD!) and my sweet (ahem) toddler girlies (Julia, ALMOST 3 and Emma, 18 months) were cooperating more than normal.  That was a true blessing, since we had to head out the door shortly.  We were going to the sign up/play time for MOPS at Fort Findlay park.  Although it was a sunny day, I wanted to quick check the weather forecast before we left to make sure we had all dressed appropriately, or if we needed jackets etc.  I knew that the morning news shows typically had weather on at about 5 til, and since it was 8:55am it was the perfect time to catch the forecast.

September 11th – 2001.

The weather wasn’t on because something had happened in New York City.  A small commuter plane crashed into one of the skyscrapers?  The newscasters were speculating.  I whispered a quick prayer for those involved, not deeply affected by this seemingly ‘normal’ tragedy… No tragedy is routine or normal when it is YOUR tragedy…

However, I was intrigued.  I’m a News/Weather nerd at heart…  I wanted to know what was happening so I kept the news coverage on.  Only minutes later did I see, as did hundreds of thousands of others around the world, a plane come out of NOWHERE and crash into the other building!  I dropped to my knees in shock.  I remember my head spinning and feeling dizzy.  This was not an accident.  There is NO way TWO planes both accidentally crashed into nearby buildings. Something was wrong.  Something was terribly wrong.

I began crying and praying and crying.  At this point, my daughters were asking, “What’s wrong, Mommy?”.

“I don’t know honey.  Something’s wrong.”

Trying to get a grip and not freak out my young children, I called my husband who was a youth pastor at a church about 20 minutes away.  I told him to turn on the TV, that something was terribly wrong.  It appeared we ~the United States of America~ may be under attack.   He said he’d call me right back.

I continued to watch the news footage, my heart beating rapidly in my chest.  Wishing my hubby were home, wishing I knew what was going on.  It seemed so surreal!

Finally, I decided watching this wasn’t doing me or my girls any good… and decided to still go to the park as planned, praying on and off all morning.  A little fresh air would do us good.  On the way to the park, I kept the news station on the radio and heard about something happening at the Pentagon.  They were grounding all flights.  There was a flight unaccounted for somewhere in Pennsylvania.  I.WAS.SCARED.

We returned home after a short time at the park.  We stayed long enough for the girlies to have some fun and burn some energy, but none of us moms were ‘there.’  There was anxiety in the air.  Nothing like this had ever happened in the US in our lifetimes.

That day was spent in tears, in prayer and engulfed in uncertainty.  Life as we know it in the US-of-A would never be the same.

A lot has happened in these past 10 years.  A lot of good.  A brief period of unity, of people turning to God.  Steps taken to increase our safety/security as we travel.  Still, 9.11.01 is a day none of us will soon forget.

Where were you when you heard about 9/11? If you write your story of that day, please leave the link to your story in the comments section.


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