Never Once

If we’re friends on Facebook, you may have noticed this week I posted with great excitement that we have given the BOOT to Joey’s boot.  All he has left is a few weeks of PT and he’s DONE with his feet ordeal.  As we left his appointment on Monday, I was caught off-guard with how emotional I was.  Just seeing the light at the end of this seven year tunnel, thinking on God’s faithfulness and the strength that He gave us to endure this long trial and how He worked it out in His perfect timing (new ortho doc in Findlay that specializes in feet).  Never once did we ever walk alone. He was always with us. Never once did God ever leave us on our own.

That’s my new favorite song by Matt Redman.  I can play this over and over and over – shouting in praise to our Faithful God – hands lifted so high I stretch my shoulders out of their sockets.

This song also stirs up emotions as I reflect on LifePoint‘s three years of existence. Even though at times it felt like more negative things were happening than positive – I can look back see how far we’ve come, knowing every victory is His power in us. There’s been scars and troubles… but God never once left us to walk alone or left us on our own.  He has been faithful.  He is faithful!

Finally, I can stand here on this mountaintop and see how God has healed/is healing from some deep hurts, some scars and struggles that pretty much knocked the wind out of us.  Battles that Satan tried to use to take us down… But, for every step God was with us and because of His power in us, we made it through. Now, with JOY our hearts can say:

Never once did we ever walk alone.

Never once did You leave us on our own.


Enjoy this song by Matt Redman.  Close your eyes and raise up your hands in praise and shout YOU ARE FAITHFUL! GOD, YOU ARE FAITHFUL!!  PS – TURN IT UP!!


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