A Few of My Favorite Things (Summer Edition)

Fry Pies What’s a Fry Pie you ask??  Well I am MORE than happy to tell you!!  You remember how last week our Mohican Adventure became more of an Amish Retreat?  Well, that retreat included several TREATS.  Homemade goodness.  I’m pretty sure we got a glimpse of what food will be like in heaven.  Oh, the Fry Pie… It’s pie crust filled with fruit filling (we tried apple, blackberry, strawberry/rhubarb, lemon, blueberry ~ just to name a few), folded over like a half-moon, lightly fried then covered in a light glaze.  Think Krispy Crème Newborn meets Grandma’s apple pie.  Melt in your mouth GOODNESS!!  Yeah, speaking of my favorite things, my last favorite thing post included Weight Watchers… I’m pretty sure after the Amish Retreat that I need to make WW a favorite again :D.

Jesus Calling App So, occasionally I review books for Booksneeze – the Book Review division of Thomas Nelson. I recently received an email from Booksneeze to consider downloading the Jesus Calling App for ipod/iphone/ipad.  It wasn’t free, but I had heard about and read enough tweets about #jesuscalling that I thought it would be worth checking out. It is amazing.  Sarah Young writes from Jesus’ perspective and her/His words have ministered to my heart and spirit in each day’s devotional since I’ve downloaded it.  If you have an iAnything, it’s worth the $9.99.  Android users, this app will be coming out for you soon as well.  If you’re not an eAnything user, you can get this book in print form :).

Leading and Loving It! I just love my girls from Leading and Loving It.  If you are a pastor’s wife or a lady in ministry, please, please, please check this out!  The fellowship is amazing via the blog, online conferences, retreat (bummed I didn’t go this year), local events and virtual community groups.  Group sign up is going on throughout the month of August, so if you’re yearning for someone who knows how it is” I mean… knows how IT IS! then check this out!  Ministry is both exhilarating and exhausting, and only those of us in the thick of it truly understand.  You don’t need to feel ALONE any more, thanks to Leading and Loving It!

There you have it… my summer edition of My Favorite Things… How about you, what are some of your favorite things right now??


Any thoughts??

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