Plan B (C,D,E) Vaca Recap

It was on the books and in the plans to take a family vacation to visit my Aunt in New Mexico this year.  However, the New Mexico trip turned into a Grubbie Girly only trip (Juju and Emma) and we planned vacation Plan B for the whole Grubbie clan:  A Mohican Adventure, our Vaca Plan B.

I’m gonna do my best to make this short (GRIN).  Anyone who knows me knows I have a hard time being short with words… but here goes:

I booked a cabin online near the Mohican State Park and Canoe Liveries.  The plan was to head out early Sunday to Amish country, eat a hearty, Amish meal and head back to Mohican… check in the cabin and start our week of hiking, canoeing, fishing…  But, the cabin was yucky.  Ok, it was gross. We were going to deal with the yuckiness until 9-10 centipedes joined me in my ‘whirlpool’ bath.  We moved out Sunday night. Night at a motel.  Booked a different cabin for Monday in Amish Country.  Our Plan B vacation had its own Plan B… and what a wonderful plan God had.

The new cabin was quaint, clean and perfect in every way.  It had a porch with two rocking chairs, a fenced in yard with a fire pit, glider and picnic table, a whirlpool tub, fireplace, and kitchenette.  The epitome of peacefulness and serenity. The cabin was owned by an Amish family who brought us fresh baked goods each day, let the kiddos play with the horses, let us fish in their pond and even took the kiddos on a ‘buggy ride’.  We even enjoyed an evening fire AT their house.

We never did get to go canoeing because the river was too high, but we made new, unexpected friends, cherished family memories and had a refreshing and enjoyable get-away.

Here are some pix from our week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS – If you’re in Ohio and would like a quiet, peaceful, even romantic get-away… I highly recommend Cricket Hill Cabins!


Any thoughts??

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