Family Fun Weekend

So, the holiday weekend is coming up and we don’t have any major plans.  We’re not going out of town or heading to the lake.  We’re looking forward to some hang out-family time sprinkled with friends :).   Apparently, our lack of plans prompted Emma, our middle child and one who LOVES to have a plan, to create a “Family Fun Weekend” plan.  Each of us received the following email today:

Family Fun Weekend is when we play games, eat food, and spend time together! It takes place July 1st to July 4th! We will play woofleball, nerts, yoker, kinect, xbox, ninjump tourny, and maybe even watch JACK BAUER!!!! We will be sleeping in a tent and every night have a fire we can also swim! We will have pizza over the fire and chips and fruit! WE NEED MORE STUFF TO DO So email to me food and games or whatever you want just email it to me! THANKS!!!!!!!

Can’t beat that!!  So, what are your plans this holiday weekend!


One thought on “Family Fun Weekend

  1. Joey’s reply to Emma’s email:
    “summer is when families get together. get a nice Tan. see fire works. go on vacation. go swimming have fun. go outside and play. have a bomb fire and have smores.”

    I can’t wait to have a BOMB fire… lmbo


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