Not The Building

Recently, our church (LifePoint Findlay), has come into what some may call ‘a bump in the road.’  A mold issue has been found in the building we rent.  For the past few weeks, we’ve been praying, seeking the Lord, checking out other ‘open doors’ to determine where we will have ‘church’.

Since the onset of this, God has granted us perfect peace and as it turns out, it’s a win-win-win situation. Number 1, our landlord has made us a generous offer to stay – WIN! Number 2, our landlord will let us out of our lease if we choose to move – WIN! Number 3, God has used this to bring us back to LifePoint’s original mission/vision – WIN! WIN! WIN!

See, when we started LifePoint, our vision was to not just do church, but be the church. Our focus was more outward than inward. However, sometime in the year and a half after being in this building things have slowly started to change.  We built an amazing stage which sets the scene for a great worship service.  We have a cozy, welcoming Cafe area which does offer opportunity for community. We have nice-sized classroom space for our KidsMinistry.  Don’t get me wrong, we are thankful for the space God has provided for us. But, it’s all inside.  Have we grown as a community within our 4 walls? Yes.  But, somewhere along the line we have grown comfortable with our ‘church’, Saturday/Sunday worship and other activities throughout the week.  None of that is wrong, but, we have dropped the ball on being outwardly focused, reaching out in the community, and being the hands/feet of Jesus.  With this building situation,  a giant Lightbulb went off and we realized that God is giving us the boot – back outside the 4 walls of the ‘church’ – back to the mission of which He 1st called us.  We never wanted a ‘come to us’ mentality, rather a ‘we’ll come to you’ line of thinking.  Jesus didn’t stay in one place and ask the crowds to come to Him. No, He went TO the people.

See, the church is NOT THE BUILDING. WE are the CHURCH. Last Sunday, we met briefly at LifePoint to go out and serve in the community. This Sunday, we’ll have church in West Park (followed by a cookout!!).  The following week, well we’re not sure.  Keep up with our Facebook Page for up-to-date details.  We are actively praying about staying on 6th St. and looking for other building possibilities, but also praying that when the dust settles and we have a building, we won’t get stuck IN the building, but will continue with the purpose God placed in us from the beginning – BEing the church.


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